Physical Education

Active Schools Week

As an Active School we take part in Active Schools week each year. In 2019 we received our first ever Active Schools flag. During Active Schools Week all classes got to take part in a variety of activities from Crossfit to Athletics, Basketball to Fencing, Yoga to Dance. Classes also had a chance to go on our local river walk and enjoy a healthy picnic. The whole school also engaged in a ‘flash mob’ to our Green School song ‘Fresh Prince of Clean Air’. This dance combined our Green School and Active school themes. Below is our video showing our highlights of the week. Well done to the Active Schools Committee on organising a terrific week!

All classes receive 60 minutes of timetabled Physical Education a week.  Each class are also taught a minimum of 5 different PE strands throughout the school year. 

C.B.S Primary seeks to provide a whole school inclusive approach to the teaching of Physical Education. We seek to ensure physical education in our school is built on the principles of variety and diversity. The range of activities available to the children in our school, allow students to engage in a wide variety of movement activities appropriate to the level of development of each child.

Physical Activity

Playground Leaders/ Playground sports equipment

A number of 6th class pupils act as playground leaders. They lead the pupils from 2nd and 3rd class with different activities to do in the yard at lunchtime every Tuesday and Thursday. This has proven to be very popular with the 2nd and 3rd class students and the pupils engage in different activities each week.

Active School WALKWAY

We have two active school walkways in operation around the school grounds, one indoor and one outdoor. These have proven to be very popular with all the pupils throughout the school, whether for engaging in orienteering lessons and treasure hunts outside around or school grounds, or indoors for quick physical activity breaks throughout the school day.

Tour of Europe

As part of Active Schools we take part in the Tour of Europe running initiative. Each class does laps of the yard or running track each week in order to progress to different destinations, around Europe. Their progress is tracked on the large map on our Active Schools display.

Active Breaks/Rainy Day Breaks

Along with taking Active Breaks using the trail around the school during the day, pupils also engage in activity breaks on rainy days. A number of different exercises and activities are used such as 12 Days of Fitness, Go Noodle and Jumping Jack Math.

Active Calendar Events

Our school engages in a number of Active calendar events throughout the year. Examples include 10 minute of exercise a day in October  , Climb the Height Skipping Challenge in April where every class have to skip a certain distance to climb different mountains all over Europe, and A Mile a Day in May where each class will run a mile a day on the running track for the duration of the month.


ASF Committee

We have members from each class in the school on our Active Schools Committee who are working hard coming up with ideas and implementing the activities in their classes.

What Clubs are you in? Survey

Members of our active school committee recently conducted a survey of all the pupils in the school to find out what clubs in the local community they were members of. This survey helped us to learn about the great opportunities that are available to engage in different types of physical activity around Nenagh.

School- Community links:

CBS Primary School works closely with a number of sporting organisations within the local community whilst working towards our Active School Flag. We receive regular coaching from the G.A.A, F.A.I, Black Eagle Judo, Nenagh Olympic Athletic Club and the I.R.F.U.

Hurling & Gaelic Football

Every class in the school gets the chance to develop their hurling and football skills in partnership with local hurling coach Pat McCormack and Nenagh Eire Og. The school also has u13 and u11 teams entered in the Cumann na mBunscol competitions as well as various blitzes throughout the year.

Gaelic Football

The school enters various Cumann na mBunscol competitions at the u11 and u13 level. The school has had great success over the years, winning the u13 county final in 2017.


Our school partners with local FAI coaches to provide the pupils in our school with soccer coaching. The school also enters a team in the Spar 5 aside competition. The school has had lots of success in soccer tournaments recently, most notably winning county and Munster titles in 2017, representing the province in the Aviva stadium.  The school also takes part in various blitzes throughout the year. There is also a lunchtime league which boys take part in every week.


We partnered with local rugby coach Pat Fitzpatrick from Nenagh Ormond RFC to provide the pupils in our school access to rugby coaching. Over the course of 5 weeks each class learns the rules, skills and sportsmanship of rugby. The school compete in various rugby blitzes during the year.


Our school teamed up with Black Eagle Judo to provide each class with 5 weeks of Judo lessons. It allows the children in our school to develop their strength, flexibility, speed and balance in a fun and different way. Pupils learn not only the skills of Judo but also the culture and customs of this unique sport.


Every class in CBS Primary School Nenagh is given the opportunity to partake in 6 weeks of swimming lessons at Nenagh Leisure Centre.

Nenagh Olympic Athletic club

Nenagh Olympic generously provided our school with sports equipment to help the boys practice their hurdling and develop their athletic skills. We also partner with the club who provide coaching in athletics at Nenagh’s indoor running track. For 6 weeks every year classes in the school go to Nenagh’s indoor running track to practice athletics.

Multi SkillZ

The boys in second class got the opportunity to engage in a Multi Skillz session with coach Frank O’Keeffe. The program seeks to develop children’s motor skills, speed, balance, and co-ordination The programme of fun, playful drills using cones, balloons, balls, and hoops lets children work in teams, regardless of abilities.

Active Schools week

Physical activity as homework

Last year the students in our school received a number of physical activities to complete as part of their homework for the duration of active schools week.  Each child was given their own diary sheet to record the physical activity completed each day. For example if children were watching TV after school they were encouraged to do 2-3 minute circuits such as push ups crunches, squats etc. during the commercial breaks. Other activities include “Jump Your Way to Better Health” initiative where children performed a variety of jumping activities at home to help develop muscle and bone strength.

ASW events

A number of events were organised as part of our active schools week such as a river walk, tug of war and healthy picnic in the park.  Past Pupil and Irish U18 soccer international Barry Coffey came to give the pupils a motivational talk. Black Eagle Judo also came to the school to give boys lessons.

Cross- curricular activities

Several cross curricular activities are organised each year as part of our Active Schools Week. Last year pupils went to the local park with their classes for a healthy picnic linked with the SPHE curriculum.

A river walk was organised where pupils learned about nature and local geography while being active.

Throughout active schools week the boys in the school engaged in a variety of cross-curricular activities. Lifeguards from Nenagh Swimming Pool visited the school to provide the pupils with interactive lessons about water safety.

Taster sessions of NEW activities

AS part of our ASW the pupils were provided with taster sessions in a number of different activities such as Judo as mentioned above and athletics. Each year we plan to introduce the children in  our school to a whole new range of different sporting activities!

Whole school FUN event

For last year’s Active School Week the whole school event that was organised was a Tug of War competition. Mixed teams of boys from different class levels competed throughout the day, before a final between the best two teams to decide the overall winner.