May Day News in CBS

May Day News in CBS

Ms Comerford’s and Ms Dooley’s Junior Infant classes

Senior Infants were busy exploring space this month! They made some cool rockets and spaceships, pretended they were astronauts and learned all about our solar system! We also got to visit our local Church and said some prayers for our friends and families. We are looking forward to starting our dance classes in May.

Ms McCutcheon’s class

The boys in second class have been very busy this month. They had their First Confession on the 22nd of April and they will have their First Communion on the 3rd of May. The boys have been preparing very well and they are looking forward to the Communion celebrations.

The TY students from the CBS were in teaching us some French. The boys were learning all about the colours in French and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

We have been busy in Art making symmetrical butterflies and stained-glass windows for the Communion.

Well done on a great month’s work lads!

Mr Smith’s class

This month has been very busy in Room 1.

In SESE, we have been learning all about Normans. We have done alot of our own research and found out many interesting facts. We also designed our own Norman coat of arms.

In maths, we have been studying money and solving problem using RUDE system.

In english, we have started to look at Explanation writing.

In PE, we have been playing hurling with Pat.

Also, we received a visit from Nenagh Fire services and it was a very informative workshop. Thank you all.

We have much going on and we are looking forward to continuing on all this great work.

Ms McCabe’s class

We continued to go swimming every Tuesday and while the weather was good, we went to the park. There we studied the tadpoles and we observed them in their natural habitat. We looked at the life cycle of the Frog and we learned about the different stages they go through: Frogspawn, tadpoles, froglets and finally adult frog.

6th class went to Roscrea on their Retreat. It was amazing and Edvards, Padraig, William and John behaved excellently. They saw all of the monastery and went on walks around the grounds.

Felipe won a medal for the school at Athletics. We are proud of him. Maksym celebrated his 13th birthday.