School self-evaluation empowers a school community to identify and affirm good practice, and to identify and take actions on areas that merit improvement. School self-evaluation involves reflective enquiry leading to action planning for improvement that is informed by evidence gathered within the school. C.B.S Primary School is committed to engaging with School Self-Evaluation and informing the school community of the improvements we are making within the school on a yearly basis. As a school we look at what we are doing well and then focus on areas to further improve our practice.


In 2023-24 we focused on Wellbeing as part of our SSE process.


In 2022-23 we reviewed the impact of COVID19 on the pupils in our school.


Over this 3 year period our focus was on improving English Reading within our school. We also focused on the challenges that were presented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see our improvement plan below.

Parents/Guardians were asked to complete the below questionnaire in order to help us improve our teaching and learning in the area of English Reading.


In 2018-19 our school focused on the area of Physical Education for School Self-Evaluation, with specific focus on improving teaching and learning in the areas of Gymnastics and Outdoor and Adventure Activities. Please see our improvement plan below.