C.B.S Primary School operates under the patronage of the Bishop of Killaloe and under the Trusteeship of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust. A Catholic ethos underlines its ethos and teachings as outlined in our mission statement. Whereas the Principal is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, the school Board of Management is ultimately responsible for its overall management. The term of the Board is four years and the current Board consists of :

Chairperson                               Donal Smyth

Patrons Nominee                       Stephen McNamara

Community Representative       Nodlaig Liston (Treasurer)

Community Representative       Mary McGrath

Parent’s Nominee                       Eileen Jones

Parent’s Nominee                       James Smyth

Teacher’s Nominee                     Eoin Buckley

Teacher’s Nominee                     William Greene (Principal & Secretary)

Should you wish to contact the Chairperson please email info@nenaghcbsp.ie