Dear Parents & Pupils,

At this time of year we would normally be preparing for our annual ‘School Sports Day’ and this year will be no different! From June 15th to 19th we are asking you to stay active at home and have a ‘Virtual Sports Day!’.

We are asking you and your family to plan and participate in your very own ‘Virtual Sports Day’. Below you will see ‘How to Plan a Virtual Sports Day’. Your ‘Virtual Sports Day’ can take place on any day from the 15th-19th June. In fact, you can have a ‘Virtual Sports Week’ if you want!

We encourage all of you to send in pictures or videos of your ‘Virtual Sports Day’ activities on Aladdin and we’ll upload them to the school website and Twitter account. Everybody who returns a video or photo will be entered in a draw for ‘A Sportsman’s Dream’ voucher!

This event is about staying active and having fun. Put your own unique slant on ‘Sports Day’ and most importantly have a ball! We can’t wait to see what you get up to!

All the best,  

Staff of C.B.S Primary Nenagh

How to plan a Virtual Sports Day!
1. Print or draw a timetable for 6 events for your ‘Virtual Sports Day’.
2. Click here to choose your activities for the day. You can choose running, balancing, landing, throwing, jumping and/or traditional school sport activities. Each activity is explained in text & video format. Choose the correct level for your class.
Level 2= 2nd – 3rd Class
Level 3= 4th-6th Class
Choose 6 activities from the suggestions or create 6 events of your own.
(See ‘Challenge Cards’ for alternative activities.)
3. Make a shopping list
Sports Day is not complete without some treats at the end of a busy day! Organise some treats for all participants’ e.g. ice-cream, popcorn, strawberries, a goody bag.
4. Create an equipment list
Replace any items on the list with other items that you may find lying around at home. You may also need a phone/watch/timer.
5. Create a play list that can be played aloud during ‘Virtual Sports Day’.
Let each participant request their favourite song.
6. Design and make a ‘Sports Day Medal’ to be presented to all participants upon completion of ‘Virtual Sports Day’.
7. Set up the equipment & stations etc. Give all participants a timetable and explain the events to everyone before you start.
On your marks! Get set! Go!
Have fun! Take photographs! Enjoy!

Some current sports stars as well as some of our teachers have also set some challenges for you! Can you beat their score!

Barry Coffey Soccer

Barry Heffernan – Hurling

Mr. Hannigan – Reaction

Download the ‘Homecourt’ app from the Apple or Play store and try the ‘Reaction’ challenge. Why not try many of the other free challenges also!

Obstacle Course – Mr. Buckley

Squat and shot – Ms. Sheary

Alternative challenges to try during your Virtual Sports Day!

Welly Boot Toss!

Sports Day Colouring

Need a break from all the activity! Why not relax and do some Sport’s Day colouring!

Fun for the whole family!