One week later and the website is really taking shape.

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor did the business in London so we can always say that our website was born on that historic day.
We’ve put together two galleries to celebrate Katie’s fantastic achievement.

  • Katie Taylor – Olympic Champion (Twitter) shows the enormously positive reaction on Twitter, among well known people in Ireland and throughout the world, to Katie’s success. There are some lovely photos included in many of these tweets.
  • Katie Taylor – Olympic Champion (AV pieces) is a library of videos and interviews around Katie’s gold medal fight. It is very clear from these videos how emotional people felt because of Katie’s win.

It is also worth taking a look at these two clips:
Katie Taylor (11 years old) is a radio interview that Katie did in 1997. (50 seconds)
Katie Taylor (15 years old) is a TV interview that she did in 2001. (3 minutes 56 seconds)
For any aspiring young sportsperson, these interviews show just how determined Katie always was to realise her dream of being a champion, as well as her enthusiasm for training and hard work.
Maith thú Katie!

School Calendar
Take a look at our school calendar here to see the dates for the various holidays from September 2012 to June 2013. We’re back to school on September 3rd. Keep up to date with various events and closures that are announced during the course of the year.

6th class Graduation 2012

For anyone that didn’t see our graduation video, which was made available through Facebook and Twitter, here it is. Also included is a link to a gallery of each of the photos used in the video. We hope all of the boys are looking forward to the next step in their lives, in secondary school.
Graduation video 2012
Photos used in the video

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