Distance Learning!

Distance Learning!

Our school like all others across the country closed on Mar 12th due to COVID-19. While not in the school building, boys from all classes have been very busy helping out at home and uploading work for our teachers to see. All boys are getting some suggested work via Aladdin Connect each day and feedback from teachers is also provided via Aladdin. Well done to all the boys for their hard work and we look forward to seeing many more images and videos in the weeks ahead. Below is a snapshot of some of the activities completed by the boys to date.

Eco-friendly habitats

John completed a project inspired by observing wasps in his garden. He then researched wasps on the internet, and through Epic books and among other things, discovered a company in Italy who make eco friendly habitats based on the design of wasps nests. This led him to create his own model which he kitted out with signposts and Lego characters!

Active Home Week

As an Active School we took part in this years Active Home Week where boys completed challenges over the course of the week. Below are some videos of the boys in action! Well done to all who took part!