Early School Year Update

Early School Year Update

Photographic Competition

Students are asked to take a photo with their mobile phone or digital camera and print in colour on either standard A4 paper or on A4 photographic paper.  The theme is “A Snap of my Locality” and can be a picture of anything that catches the students eye.  All pictures will be displayed over the weekend and there will be a goody bag for everybody who takes part.  The winning picture will be displayed in Bank of Ireland afterwards and the student will get a special prize.  Entries should be brought to me at the branch and need the students name, class and school noted on the back.  Closing date is Friday 7th October.
Sports Skills Workshop
This will be held in St Marys Convent Secondary School on Saturday 15th October and will run from 10.00am to 12.00.  Kids will be broken up into groups according to age and we will do skills for hurling, football and camogie.  It does not matter what level of skill you have already and we promise plenty of fun and games for all involved.  Trainers confirmed to date for the workshop will be :
·        Daire Quinn, 2016 Tipperary Senior Hurling Team
·        Kevin O’Halloran, 2016 Tipperary Senior Football Team
Again there will be a goody bag for each child with plenty of opportunity to have photos taken.  Places are limited so we need details as soon as possible for this.  I will take names either through the school or if parents want to email me directly I need the following information, child’s name, school and class.  My contact for this is  eileen.kennedy@boi.com

We would like to welcome you all to attend the event and if you need any further information please contact me at the office in Nenagh on 07662 42577 or by email oneileen.kennedy@boi.com.

What we did this month

by Leszek Baron and Daniel Teaffy

Room 1 – Mr. Smith’s class
Geography. Mr Smith’s class has learned all about the locality. Local mountains and rivers and lakes of Tipperary.
We also looked closely at bees and who a hive works.
 Art.  In art we have made leaf creatures, autumn leaves, scribble art and initial art .
Maths.  In maths we have covered addition and subtraction, tables. We have also studied place value and maths patterns.
English.  Mr Smith’s class have started their recounts and we have also built a vocabulary pyramid. We have also practised predicting in our reading of story.
Gaeilge. In Irish we learned a poem called “Aon, dó, muc is bó”

Room 2 – Ms. Slattery’s class
English.  Mrs Slattery’s class learned what a recount is, they have also learned adjectives and nouns.
Math. In math they have learned 2-5 times tables, numbers and also have played maths games.
Geography/science Mrs Slattery’s class has learned about animals and their habitats.
Art. Mrs Slattery’s class have done animal leaf prints, table collaboration circles and coloured fish pages.
Irish Mrs Slattery’s class has learned the “Is maith liom” poem.
History.  We have learned about the salmon of knowledge.
P.E We had 3 lessons in swimming and hurling.
R.E. We learned about new beginnings.
Four boys are competed in the athletics in Thurles.

Room 3  – Ms. Glennon’s class
We would like to welcome the boys up to their new school.                                                            
We did lots of fun things in September.
We learned about Roal Dahl and we are reading ‘’The BFG’’.
We learned about recount writing and are doing good progress.
We also learned about mixing colours, the primary + secondary colours.
We created some lovely art.
In Irish we wrote a story called Mé fein.

Room 4 – Ms. Hanly’s class
We came from four different classes last year. We are all making new friends and have the table of the week system.
In English we learned all the parts of speech and we are writing our recounts.
In art we made bookmarks and name art, in geography we studied rocks and in history, we learned about the Children of Lir and next we are learning about the Romans.

Room 7 – Ms. Maher’s class
We have been working with bank of Ireland on our project called bizworld.
We are learning to make our own companies and we had to make up their names and functions.
We presented our ideas and posters to 2 dragons.
We celebrated the Roald Dahls birthday and we are reading the BFG.
We are making our own giants out of paper maché.

Room 13 – Ms. Barry’s
September! We are delighted to be back to school after a lovely long Summer. We have a very exciting year ahead which kicked off with us getting some new classmates! Its great to have Oisín and Hassan joining us in our class.
Irish- Mé Féin, mo chlann agus ag léamh faoi Ciara agus Conor.
English- we have started into our Recounts and we are excited to see who will be the winning writer at the end of October.
Maths- we are so lucky to have Mr. O Sullivan and Mr. Hayes helping us in maths, we have stared with Place Value and are moving on to Data after that.
History- History is our most exciting topic at the moment, we have learned all about the fearsome Vikings and we are using papier mache to create some chalices that were stolen by the vikings- hopefully we will put up some pictures of them next month.

 Room 8  – Mr Shine’s class
Art. We did a clay terracotta army for art we also did a class jigsaw showing our individual pieces join together in class.
History. We did a project on ancient china and all the dynasties.
We also did emoji’s and science on powering a light bulb with a potato and how a circuit works with a switcher.
We have started rugby training with Pat and hurling with Christy.

Room 9 – Mr Hannigan
We completed 3 weeks of swimming and started rugby training with Pat.
We did perspective art and are starting our recounts .
We made a banner for our victorious Tipp team.

In science we looked at states of matter.

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