End of Winter catch-up

End of Winter catch-up

Mr Smith’s class
Our class had a very busy month since school resumed after the holidays.
In geography, we have been learning all about China and Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the Rooster.
In RE, we have been busy preparing for our First Confession. We have been learning all our songs and all of our prayers which we will need to know for the ceremony. We heard the story of David and Goliath and the story of Zacchaeus and Jesus.
In history, we learned about Grace O’Malley.
In maths we have been learned how to round numbers to the nearest ten. We have been studying fractions too.
Sa rang gaeilge, bhíomar ag caint faoi bia agus an aimsir.
We got to design a galley, similar to what Grace O’Malley would have sailed. We also drew the rooster encorporating the numbers 2-0-1-7.

Ms Glennon’s class
This month, we have done a lot of different things, we did a celebration on Chinese new year. We learned all about the legend behind Chinese new year and how the Zodiac was created. This year is the year of the Rooster.
In maths, we have been learning about fractions.
We have been really busy getting ready for our Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.
We carried out a lovely project on one of our grandparents for the Grandparents mass. This was really great. The whole school attended the mass and our grandparents were invited too.

Ms Slattery’s class
January was very busy in room two especially in English. Our reading is improving and we have enjoyed the interesting novels we read during power hour. We are also working hard on our arguments for exposition writing.
In maths, we focused on reading the time and now we are learning about money.
In history we enjoyed learning about Setanta and the Fianna. A drama production group visited them and performed Diarmuid and Grainne. The sword battles were very good and we enjoyed the performance.
In art, we studied the artist L.S Lowry in his paintings. In groups we selected our favourite L.S Lowry painting and enjoyed recreating his images.
In geography, we used our atlases in class to learn about the counties and provinces in Ireland.
In Irish we worked very hard to learn verbs and write our own sentences using these verbs.
Ms. Hanly’s class
This month, one of our classmates Chris left  to go to a school in Dublin and we all miss him.
In science, we learned about the solar system as well. We made a picture of the solar system using coloured chalk and also in art we made our own clay aliens all by themselves.
In geography, we were learning about the weather cycle and how rain clouds are formed.
 In history class, we learned all about the Vikings how we took over and influenced Ireland.
Also,  we had class debates versus our class teacher, Ms Hanly about violent video games and discussing the possibility of the school week being extended to include Saturday. The boys were victorious in the debate against Ms Hanly and we are happy that she did not win the debate on school should be held on Saturday.
Mr.Buckley’s class
In Mr. Buckley’s class, we did breakfast mornings where we get an extra breakfast when we come in to school.
We have started working with stencils for our art in class where we made a lot of interesting pieces using  the stencils.
In class, we started growing Hyacinth flowers. The flowers are on our window sill where we have been growing them from just a seed over month.
In class, we have started to learn how to beatboxing. It is a type of music style which is sometimes very hard to do yet we have done really good in learning it. Most of the class are very talented when it comes to beatboxing now.

Ms. Barrys class
Our class did optical illusions during this month.
We started doing fractions in math and in history.
We learned about Italy and at the same time we did Leonardo da Vinci art.
In SPHE, we started the stay safe program.
We have started swimming too.
In English, we are learning about homophones and alliteration and have started learning the song “Pompeii” in Irish.

Mr Shine’s class
This month room eight continued swimming in P.E In Nenagh swimming pool which we greatly enjoyed.
In art we explored art of Joan Miro and did our own versions inspired by his work using black lines and only four colours.
We also got to visit the two secondary schools in Nenagh, Nenagh College and Nenagh C.B.S both hosted open nights.
In history, we learned about WW1, how it started and some of the battles which took place. We went to study the 1916 rising and the repercussions of that which we still feel today. The 6th class boys also took part in the Credit Union quiz where we were victorious.

Mr. Hannigan’s class
In Mr. Hannigan’s class, we have been learning about Islam.
We have also been learning about the wonders of Space and we have discussed and learnt about the moon landing lead by Neil Armstrong in 1969.
In English, we have started reading the novel Holes.
In science, we have started lifting a cardboard box with air.

We have also started sales pitch where you get a real product and try and get a reasonable price from the class.

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