New School Year

CBS would like to wish a belated welcome back to all students and staff.

Below is an outline of the upcoming school year.

School Calendar 2018/2019
School Re-opens           Monday, Sept 3rd, 2018 – Half day close at 12.30pm
September                      Monday, Sept 17th, Staff Professional Development
                                      Half day close at 12.30pm
October                         Friday, Oct 26th, Presidential Election
                                      School closed
October Mid-Term        Closed Monday 29th Oct – Friday 2nd Nov, 2018 inclusive.   
                                     Re-open Monday 5th Nov, 2018.
Christmas Holidays      Closed Friday 21stDec, 2018 12.30pm – Friday Jan 4th, 2019 incl.
                                      Re-open Monday 7th Jan, 2019.
February Mid-Term      Closed Thursday 21stFeb & Friday 22ndFeb, 2019 incl.
                                      Re-open Monday 25th Feb 2019.
St. Patrick’s Weekend      Closed Monday 18th Mar, 2019.
                                           Re-open Tuesday 19th Mar, 2019.
Easter Holidays          Closed Friday 12thApr at 12.30pm – Friday Apr 26th, 2019 incl.
                                   Re-open Monday 29th Apr, 2019.
May Bank Holiday         Closed Monday 6th May, 2019
                                         Re-open Tuesday 7th May, 2019
June Bank Holiday        Closed Friday May 31st to Tuesday Jun 4th, 2019 incl.
                                      Re-open Wednesday 5th Jun 2019.
Summer Holidays          School Closed Friday 28thJun 2019 at 12.30pm
Confirmation                     Saturday, May 11th, 2019.
Communion                       Saturday, May 18th, 2019.

We wish the very best to all in our school.

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