Week 13 – Loads of news this week! (click all images to enlarge)

Week 13 – Loads of news this week! (click all images to enlarge)

This week, all of the boys in the school made decorations by recycling materials they found in their homes. The results were fantastic. Take a look at our Christmas tree, decorated entirely with recycled materials! Thanks to Ms McCabe and the Green Schools committee for driving this competition.

The 6 decorations were short-listed for prizes. Here are the 6 winners with their decorations (not in any particular order).

Here are examples of more decorations that were submitted for the Christmas tree.

The school is on it’s way to winning it’s 4th consecutive Fai-To in Mangahigh. We are competing against Aberfoyle Park High School, Adelaide, Australia.

‘Power Hour’
For the last number of weeks, Ms Finn’s 2nd class (Room 3) have been using a ‘Power Hour’ initiative to improve all-round literacy among the class. This involves the use of small, easy-to-manage groups at stations, each focusing on a different aspect of literacy. The boys attend each station in the hour and so their literacy skills get a good “drive” every day. This initiative lasts for 6 weeks.

The school reached the milestone of 300 Twitter followers this week.

Thank you to @tomadsmart for being our 300th follower! Long way to come since Jan 24th. #CCC #edchatie
— Nenagh CBS Primary (@nenaghcbsp) December 6, 2012

Our new YouTube channel
The school has a new YouTube channel. Take a look here and in the blue bar at the top of the website. Keep up to date with all AV projects carried out by the school on this page.
Doodle4Google 2013 – ‘My invention…’
For the last number of weeks, each class has been participating in the annual Doodle4Google competition. We published a special blog post about it lately and you can see it here again. 
The first picture shows the staffroom wall where all short-listed entries were displayed. All staff members then voted on what they considered to be the best 6.  The 6 entries with the highest number of votes were chosen to represent the school in the provincial and national judging and they are reproduced at the bottom of the page. 
Best of luck boys!

Pawel M (5th)
Daniil M (6th)
Jack W (5th)
Filip G (3rd)
Harry D (5th)
Darragh R (6th)

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