A New School Year in the CBS

A New School Year in the CBS

Ms Sheary’s 2nd class

We have had a very busy month settling into our new school. We have spent the past few weeks getting to know the school. We are enjoying the hot lunches every day. It has been very exciting.

We have been working hard too in Mrs. Sheary’s 2nd class. We learned lots of new things. We celebrated Roald Dahl day by reading Fantastic Mr. Fox which was really enjoyable. It is a very funny and exciting book. We drew some lovely foxes also.

In this classroom we are celebrating friendships and also discussing all the different traits we all have. Its been a great start to September.

Ms Glennon’s 2nd class

The boys in room 3 have spent the month of September getting used to their new classroom and school. They have settled in really well, are working hard and are really enjoying themselves!

This month we have learned a lot about Mé Féin as Gaeilge. We learned about Our Locality and the Story of Tír na nóg in SESE.

We are reading lots of books every week. We use the CAPER system at home and the boys really enjoyed listening to Fantastic Mr.Fox by Roald Dahl. They even painted their own Mr.Fox for art.

We also learned about the colour wheel and painted our own wheels by mixing the primary colours to get secondary colours.

Ms Shanahan/Ms Liston’s 3rd class

This month we had a very special occasion – On Saturday 25th of September some boys from our class made their First Holy Communion. The boys were excellent and it was a memorable day for everyone.

In maths we have been working hard adding and subtracting bigger numbers.

We learned about animals and their habitats in science and made our own food chains.

In Geography we had a look at famous building around the world and discussed how they were made. We looked at bridges too and had lots of fun making our own bridges from Lego.

In PE we are improving our gaelic football skills.

We made magical forests in art using fruit and vegetables.

We are doing lots of reading and writing – we have been looking at procedural texts. The boys have written some very nice looking recipes!

Mr Smith’s 3rd class

All the boys are glad to back after the summer holidays.

We would like to welcome two new students to our class; Gabriel and Kyle.

It has been very busy this month.

We started Power Hour and it is going really well.

In SESE, we have learned all about County Mayo and we read the story of Fionn and the Salmon of Knowledge.

In art, we designed our own stadium. We created a nice ocean scene too.

On the 25th of the month, boys from our class made their First Holy Communion at St. Mary of the Rosary church. It was a great day and the boys did remarkably well. Well done boys.

Ms Maher’s 4th class

In gaeilge we are learning all about Mé Féin – we are also using drama to understand our gaeilge better.

Maths is lots of fun – we are adding, subtracting and multiplying. If we get our Mental Maths right each day we get a ticket for the draw on Friday.

We did an experiment on Soil in Science – and we found that all all the soil went to the bottom of the jar and an algae formed on the top over a few days.

We are learning all about Myths and Legends in History.

We are playing rugby with Pat every Wednesday for 5 weeks. – it is great fun.

On Thursday we hope to make Peppermint Creams – this was a recipe that is in our Read At Home, we can’t wait to make them.

Ms Barry’s 4th class

We are delighted to be back at school and our new classroom is upstairs which is exciting!

We have been doing some fun activities and we have settled in very well.

In English we are reading the novel Dancing Bear. We are also doing our best to try and earn a pen licence. Ms. Barry is excited to start giving them out!

In Irish we are learning Briathra and although they were tricky at the start we are improving a lot.

In History we learned about the Children of Lir and made pictures of the swans in the story.

We started playing rugby with Pat Fitzgerald and it is great fun.

In Science we carried out a fun activity when learning about water treatment. We were challenged to separate water and dirt using any material in the classroom. It was a lot of fun, we tried nets, letting it settle and washing up liquid but in the end coffee filters worked the best.

We are looking forward to many more fun times in October.

Ms McCabe’s 5th class

This September we are happy to be back in school. We had a blast with Mrs McCabe. The best thing about her is that she makes you excited for learning.

We do mindfulness regularly.

We were learning about Vincent Van Gogh in Art and painted sunflowers.

For PE we did Rounders.

In Maths we use strategies to make our work easier. We enjoyed playing fun Maths games. We like solving KenKen puzzles.

In History we learned about the Maya and Diarmaid and Grainne.

Every Thursday we go to the Computer room.

In Science we learned about Pollinators and Photosynthesis.

Mr Shine’s 5th class

It has been a busy start to the year in 5th class as we got stuck into all our work. In maths we have been doing long multiplication and long division which is a challenge.

In art we have been doing 3-d illusions and our class jigsaws which are very colourful.

In P.E. we have been playing strategy games where having a plan and working as a team are the way to win.

In geography we have been looking at maps of Ireland and the world and discovering all the mountains and rivers around us.

We also had our first trip to the library this year where we stocked up on new books to read.

So it has been a busy start but we are expecting an even busier October.

Mr Hayes’s 6th class

It has been a very busy month back to school in Mr Hayes 6th class. we have already picked out library books to read and have started doing some book reviews.

In maths we have done a lot of revision. Now we are starting to find the areas and circumferences of circles.

Táimid ag déanamh ár ndícheall sa Gaeilge gach lá. Bhi me fein an téama do Mheán Fómhair.

In art we learned about Pablo Picasso and cubism.

In geography we did a lot on our local area and North Tipperary. In science we did about the human eye.

In history we learned about the Young Irelanders who were known as “Éire Óg” which is the

same name as our hurling club Nenagh Éire Óg.

Outside of school, congratulations to boys on the Nenagh Éire Óg under 13 hurlers who recently and

dramatically beat Newport in the north final. We wish the boys the best against Fr. Sheehys in the

county semi-final.

Mr O’Sullivan’s 6th class

We were all very excited returning to school after the Summer holidays. It was great to meet up with all our friends again and to find out what everybody did during the Summer. There was no homework for the first two weeks. During this month, We all did a project on somebody who displayed amazing human endurance. We researched people like Tom Crean, Steven Callahan, Harrison Okene, Pino Lella, Dean Karnazes, Aron Ralston and Juliane Koepcke. We really enjoyed presenting these projects to the class. “Holes” is our new novel and it is really good. It is about a boy named, “Stanley” who is sent to a detention centre and has to dig a big hole every day.

Mr Buckley’s Room 2

The boys in Room 2 have been really busy this month and we have had great fun and enjoyment from our activities and learning. We have been sewing potatoes in the school garden too.