A wintry spring in Nenagh

A wintry spring in Nenagh

Mr Smith’s class

This month was very busy in our room. We really enjoyed wellness week. We have been busy preparing for our Reconciliation mass which will be held in St Mary’s of the Rosary Church.

In maths we have been covering 3D shapes and length.

For Shrove Tuesday, we learned about its connection to Lent. We marked the day by making pancakes. People used up their eggs and butter on this day by making pancakes as traditionally less eggs and butter were eaten during Lent. Ash Wednesday comes a day after and this is the beginning of Lent.

We learned about St Valentine and designed some cards for Valentine’s Day. We also did some smiley face art, 3D art and leap frog art.

We started our yoga lessons with Siobhán this month too.

Ms Glennon’s class

This month we are learning all about Spring. We also learned about the water cycle and completed some experiments on floating and sinking. We are currently doing Reading Buddies with Rang 6 and also powerhour every afternoon. We learned about St. Valentine and we made lovely Valentine cards for our Mums and Dads. Rang 2 are looking forward to making our Sacrament of Reconciliation in St. Marys Church of the Rosary next week.

Ms Liston’s class

3rd Class Ms. Liston have had a very busy Month.

In Art we finished our fabric and fibre strand, having created lots of weaving projects including Willow weaving, cardboard weaving and building a Tee-Pee using weaving techniques. We look forward to our next strand at printing. In Maths the boys learned about Decimals and Money with lots of hands on practical tasks with money to ensure lots of learning. In Music the boys are continuing to learn all the notes on the tin whistle and are able to now play a selection of tunes. Our Class is really looking forward to the upcoming chess competition where we are entering in a novice team. There is lots of practice taking place at every opportunity including               lunchtimes. A team will be finalized at the end of this week. Thanks to Colum and Jimmy for all the help. The class is really enjoying playing Rugby with coach Pat every Wednesday Morning. Let’s hope the weather improves soon. Every Tuesday and Friday the boys are completing their multiplication masters tests and a real improvement can be seen.

Ms Comerford’s class

We are learning all about Egypt in 3rd class. It is interesting to see how people in Ancient Egypt lived long ago! We are improving our hurling skills with Bertie each week in P.E. In Art we have learned about primary colours and how we can mix them to make other colours. We have studied Kandinsky and his artwork too. In Science we were investigating materials change, where we got to make butter. It was very tasty.

Mr Hayes’s class

We have started to learn about time time in maths. It is about time we know our time!

We are continuing our Nenagh 800 project. We are currently in the process of making a movie.

We have started reading our new novel “Shadow”. Our buddy reading is also going really well . We have just finished our hurling lessons and now we are starting yoga.

In Irish we are doing siopadoireacht. We have begun learning an Irish poem and song too for the upcoming Seachtain Na Gaeilge.

Ms Spaight’s class

We started our month by making St. Brigid’s Day crosses using rushes. They were tricky to make but well worth it. In February, we continued hurling with Bertie and our skills have improved. We celebrated Valentine’s Day on the 14th and made cards for our parents. We have been exploring pointillism in Art and created Spring pictures using the pointillism technique. In Geography, we are learning about the water cycle and have explored it using different experiments. Our class have also just completed a 5 week Maths Tables Challenge and we are delighted that we all achieved our goals. We also enjoyed our break.

Ms Maher’s class

For English we went to the library to read books to increase and upgrade our vocabulary. In Art we did Still Life pictures of runners and it went wonderful. In SPHE we made a Box of Attitudes to take care of our mental health. Also, for a treat we made chocolate biscuit cake which tasted delicious. Our whole class had a nice break.

Ms McCabe’s class

We have been playing Hurling training with Berty every Thursday. We had great fun with him.

In maths we have been doing odd and even numerals, chances, the 100 square, Prime and composite numbers, Factors, Square and Triangle numbers and Long Division.

In English we have been doing anologies, commas, apostrophes, persuasive writing, making brochures, and reading our novel “Under the Hawthorn Tree”.

In Irish we have been doing An Aimsir. We learned about the compass, An Pol Thuaidh, An Sèasùr, The story about Tom Crean, An Eireann, Rèamha, snèis na haimsire, The briathar “Ta” agus an mì, We are also starting An Scoil.

In Geography and History we learned about the Battle of Boyne, The Flight of the Wild Geese, The Battle of Kinsale, European countries on St Valentines.

In Art and S.P.H.E we designed our own inspirational quotes, made pictures for the Nenagh 800, made an advertisement for the Lighthouse of Alexandria and we learned about bullying, how to stay safe, touches and we made our class agreements.

In Music we learned the song on Rattling’ Bog and we learned the song on tin whistle too. We also learned a poem in Irish called “An Choill”.

We also enjoyed going to the Library and working our way up the class Ladder to get a spot in the class Tournament!

Ms Boland’s class

The boys have been working very hard over the past few weeks. We have started our preparation for Confirmation by learning about the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We finished our novel “Holes” last week and watched the movie so we could compare both. The boys thoroughly enjoyed this book which was written by Louis Sachar. They have written about their favourite character and their least favourite characters, made comparisons of various characters, they have written about the health and safety issues within the camp and they have searched the novel for quotations relating to the themes of friendship, injustice and racism. For Valentines Day we made clay hearts and painted them red. Our persuasive writing genre is progressing really well and the boys have had a great time trying to persuade me that “Homework is a Waste of Time”. We had a wonderful variety of sweet and full of flavour pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and we went to Mass on Ash Wednesday.

Mr O’Sullivan’s class

We started our month by actively going to the swimming pool and getting lessons to get to know how to swim properly. For religion we were preparing for confirmation by going to mass every Friday, doing our confirmation booklet and reading interesting stories about Jesus and his disciples. In Art, Miss Sheary helped us to do cubism. Some of our boys had their entry exams for the Nenagh College.

Ms Sheary’s class

This month we learned all about Spring. We walked around the beautiful grounds of the school, looking at the signs of Spring- the buds on the trees and the flowers growing. We collected rushes from the Town Park and made St. Brigid Crosses. We each brought one home and have it hanging in the hallway.  This month we learned about fractions. We divided bars of chocolate in ½`s and ¼`s. We made porridge on Fridays for our breakfast morning and had a variety of healthy toppings. We also made brown bread and granola bars. These were really tasty and easy to make. We enjoyed them with a cup of tea.