And that was April

And that was April

St. Gall’s class

Our class has been very busy this month. In maths we have been practicing our word problems. We also did weight and capacity. In English, we completed our narratives and Kieran was our winner. Well done Kieran. We are very busy with preparation for our Holy Communion for the first time. In SESE, we learned about May Day and the festival of Bealtaine.

St. Gobain’s class

We were very busy at the start of April. With communion quickly approaching, we were busy practising our prayer and songs as well as creating art work for our big day. In SPHE, we made some words where everyone wrote something nice about each other. We enjoyed learning about tourism across the counties of Ireland in Geography. We also had the opportunity to create a short film with Mr Buckley for the school film festival.

St. Thomas’s class

We were very during the month of April. We planted flowers in wellies for the sensory garden. They look lovely and colourful. We made clay pots for Easter with Ms Comerford and Ms Maher’s class. We painted them also. We went on a social outing to Centra. We had a lovely lunch there. We also got ice cream after our lunch. We really enjoyed Easter holidays and are looking forward to our last term.

St. Fintan’s class

We made Easter plates from clay and painted with lovely bright colours. We also enjoyed writing our narratives and well done to Jamie Cahalan who won and got to read hit out to the school. We went to the park as a treat for our very good behaviour and we are now looking forward to our school tour in June.

St. Flannan’s class

We completed our narrative writing this month. The standard was exceptionally high and congratulations to Josh on being our class winner. We learned about An Breadán féasa in Irish and enjoyed the story. In maths we learned about length area and perimeter.

St. Eugene’s class

This month we finished our novel the sheep pig and watched it on DVD which was really enjoyable. We started Power hour which is a fun way to vary our English lessons. Rory Manley won the Narrative. Everybody enjoyed typing up their narrative pieces. We prepared for Easter by learning about the Stations of the Cross. We learned off the largest towns in each county for geography and we concentrated on gymnastics for PE.

St. Diarmaid’s class

This month we made pinch pots out of clay. In our narratives Lincoln and Huzaif were our winners. In maths we studied weight and capacity. We completed and presented them to Mrs Comerford’s 3rd class. We visited the library as well. We had a visit from the lady from the RSA and she spoke about road safety. We also did buddy reading with Mrs Comerford and Mr Smiths.

St. Declan’s class

We enjoyed our talk on road safety.  We entered a few competitions, Supermacs, Camp CCR and the Arts centre. We finished chess with Colm and we started rugby coaching with Pat. We enjoyed learning about blessed Edmund Rice and we prepared stained glass window pictures for our school prayer service. We started Circle Time and we really love it. We are looking forward to a very busy last term.

St. Canice’s class

Although April was short because of the Easter holidays, we still had a very busy month. We learnt the April fool’s Day Poem by Ken Nesbitt. For art we did the crucifixion of Jesus. We typed out our narratives and Ruadhan won. We had been working hard practising for our confirmation. Mrs Scott had started teaching us our Hymns. We finished our art on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We finished making our Biodiversity tree. Also Denis won a tablet at the Easter raffle.

St. Conall’s class

This month we started practising for our Conformation. Helen Scott was good with her time as she has helped us greatly with our hymns. Mr Flynn has also been teaching us the last couple of weeks. We’ve learned about Caitheamh aimsire in Gaeilge and negative and positive numbers in maths. We also started our novel ‘reaching the heights.’