Early Summer Update

Early Summer Update

St. Gall’s class

We were very busy in May.  

In Maths, we have been challenging ourselves solving word problems. We also did our Sigma Tests. The boys did really well.  

In irish, we have been learning about mo theach and we started our new reader, Áthas.

In English, we started with our report writing. We have read many samples. We have planned a report as a group and we have also done some research for our own reports.

On May 18th, boys from our class made our First Holy Communion as did the boys from St. Gobain’s. The day went brilliantly well. The boys were excellent

St. Gobain’s class

St.Goban’s really enjoyed the month of May. We had a great sport’s day while also running a mile every day for our Active School Flag. We made our Holy Communion on May 18th in St. Mary’s of The Rosary Church. We celebrated in school the following by going to the park and eating ice-cream. We are currently writing reports on various, animals, countries and planets for our end of the year assembly.

St. Fintan’s class

This month was very exciting for St.Fintan’s 3rd class. We had on important job of representing our school in the 50 years celebration of the C.B.S in the Summer Hill. We sang at mass and we marched from St. John’s Lane behind the Nenagh Brass Band. It was great fun!

St. Flannan’s class

St.Flannan’s had a busy month in May. In religion we learned about May being the month of Mary. Ms.Hallianan helped out in our classroom and we learned lots of new songs such as Keep on Moving by Fire An Drólin. In drama we did some Mimes

As part of our active schools month we have ran a mile a day in May

St. Thomas’s class

St. Thomas s’ were very active for the month of May. We completed our mile-a-day challenge. We feel fitter and healthier for it. We also really enjoyed our Sports day also and were thrilled with our medals.

 St. Thomas s’ class were invited to Fiest Dalva on the Limerick Rd. This was a really interesting tour. We saw people working hard trying to stop credit card fraud and policing the Dark Web. The staff was so welcoming and we got lots of treats.

We went to visit ‘Gillis Garden’ which is just newly opended in the castle Field. It is really peaceful and very beautiful. We also had cones there which we really enjoyed.

St. Enda’s class

This month St Enda’s had great fun making 30 shapes using straws and blue tack. We were to investigate the corners, faces, edges and parallel lines in each shape. We learned the poem “Four O Clock Friday” and from this we created still images and we did some thought tracking. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it. We discussed what bullying was, the different types of bullying and what to do if someone feels they are being bullied. In English we finished our Power Hour much to the disappointment of the boys and we have begun researching for our report writing topic. We also pretended to be the boy who was being bullied in “Four O Clock” and wrote a diary entry for one of the days he was bullied. We have had great fun running/ walking our “Mile a Day For May” with some of the boys running 2 miles a day! We’ve learned our Rivers of Ireland in Geography. We designed Ice Cream Sundaes for Art and we’ve started our preparation for the raising of our Green flag + Active School Flag ceremony by learning tin whistle tunes and songs for the day. Our class Bake Sale was a huge success and we raised a total of €303 .76 towards the cost of our School Tour to Roscrea on June 21st .

St. Declan’s class.

St. Diarmaid’s class

In May we had a very busy month. We have started going to the library every Wednesday and enjoy using the new digital system. We are looking forward to having a chess tournament with St. Canices class next month. In PE we finished rugby with Pat. We did our mile a day for active schools. We were also proud to send our teachers to Kilkenny to collect our 5th Green flag for Biodiversity. In art we studied Picasso and did self-portraits. We also did pictures of our school and of what our school will look like in 50 years. Michael McLoone won a pizza making session in Supermacs, and we enjoyed eating our pizzas. We are looking forward to another busy month in June. Keep in touch

St. Conall’s class

The month of May was an action packed month for all in St.Connalls. This month we had our Confirmation and we welcomed Bishop Fintan to the parish. Everyone really enjoyed their day and all the preparation really paid off. We also had our sports day this month which was great success. Overall it was a very busy month for all. 

St. Canice’s class