Happy Christmas from the CBS!

Happy Christmas from the CBS!

Written by Luke Connolly and Dylan Cleary, 6th class, Room 8.

The School Crib
The school are very busy preparing for Christmas with plays by Room 1 and Room 3 and the rest of the classes decorating the school with Christmas trees and decorations.
Our School in the Guardian
We were delighted to get large supplies of Lego donated by Michael Renvillard from the Lego Foundation in Denmark. The Lego is worth €2000! Every class received a large box with all different types Lego so they are letting their creative side go wild! In the Spring, the whole school will do a project to create their ideal school out of Lego.
Lego Creation by James
There was a Doodle4Google art competition held in the school. There were seven finalists picked and  sent of to Dublin to be judged.  

The whole school has been very busy learning about Narrative writing for the past six weeks. An assembly was held on Tuesday where one boy from every class was chosen to read out their narrative. They received a small prize in recognition of their work.

Room 9 created  very nice Christmas decorations and enjoyed playing with the Lego. The were lucky to win best class of the school and enjoyed playing soccer on Friday with the soccer coaches from Limerick University.
Room 6 got golden time every Friday and made various things out of Lego. Jason Richardson was one of the finalists in Doodle4Google and his picture was sent off to Dublin. Thomas Dinan read a story at the school assembly on the 18th of December. It was called “The Little Christmas Tree”.

Room 14 have made lots of different Christmas decorations.  They wrote thank you letters to the Lego foundation in Denmark to thank them for all the Lego. Next term the school are going to build a Lego school. Cody won a prize for his narrative story. Some boys came runners up in their Footsal tournament. Thanks to Mr Buckley and Mr Shine for training their team. They did interesting projects on Arctic and Antarctic explorers  Tom Crean, Robert Peary and Roald Amundson.

Room 2 made Christmas mobiles and hung them around the classroom. They enjoyed playing with the Lego. The boys learned about narrative writing and wrote some fantastic Christmas stories. Well done to Tom, the class winner!


Room 7 made these Nenagh Castle models they are very nice.

They also made a perfect Lego school which had a swimming pool and lots of slides. They made model super heroes and have  also nearly finished reading a novel called Buddy.

Room 13 made some cool Christmas decorations. They did an interesting project about the South Pole and the North Pole. Every boy made a Christmas Poster.

The two second classes have been very busy doing their Christmas play “Humpty Dumpty”. They preformed it for the boys in the school, the boys from St Mary’s and their parents. It was fantastic!

In room three they also learned lots of interesting facts about the penguin. It cannot fly, they live in the Southern Hemisphere, they like surfing, tobogganing and diving!
The two classes did lots of Christmas art to decorate the GP room for their play.

Room 4 had hurling this month and created some Christmas art. They attended the Junior Boys School concert in the church last Friday. The boys in the class were delighted to see their photo in the school calender and to play with their new Lego. Congratulations  to Ben Casey who was the winner of the Narrative writing process. 

Room 8 created Rodolfo the reindeer and did some pictures of a Christmas scene and because Mr Shine likes Christmas so much he gave us very little home work! The boys in room 8 also got a kind donation of Lego and they have made some very creative pieces with it. On Wednesday we went out to the rugby field and had a blitz. We also finished up swimming and started a new novel.

Room 3a made lots of lovely Lego houses and they also played lots of games on the computer. Mr Kennedy would like to thank all the people who helped him to make this masterpiece of a jumper!

The boys who attend Ms Hayes made Christmas cribs from recycled material. First they coloured all the figures for the manger. An old shoebox was decorated with black bin lines. The straw was shredded white packing material which was soaked in an old tea to get the right colour. Everyone was very pleased with the finished result!


Hope every one has a happy Christmas and we’ll see you all back at school on the 6th of January. 

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