Nollaig Shona Daoibh

Nollaig Shona Daoibh

Mr Smith’s class

This month was very busy for our class.

In maths, we have been looking at worded problems and rounding. Ms Hanly has been helping us with this.

In PE, we have been hurling away well with Bertie and Conor.

In the build up to the holidays, we learned Bualadh Bos(Jingle Bells as gaeilge) and a nice poem called, “Be Good to Your Turkey this Christmas”. We also learned a cool poem written by Ms Brophy called “Twas Christmas 2020”

In art, we designed our own Christmas jumpers and we also designed our own Christmas Window art.

We spent a lot of time studying and discussing the Christmas story.

We are all really looking forward to Christmas.

Ms Glennon’s class

We had a lovey December in Room 3. We practiced a song and poem for our Christmas Performance. We sketched our own reindeer. We collected money and made beautiful Christmas cards for Community Santa in Nenagh.

 We learned all about Christmas customs and traditions around the world with boys in our class sharing their own experiences. We made an Advent Wreath and learned all about Advent. We also wrote letters as Gaeilge to Daidi na Nollag.

For the month of December we celebrated winning our Amber Flag. We really enjoyed having Wednesdays off homework and also our Wellness Day on Monday 21st of December. We drank hot chocolate, practiced meditation and yoga and also got to watch a Christmas movie. Santa Claus made a special visit to our school which was very exciting!

Ms Spaight’s class

December was a great month in Room2. We finally made our First Holy Communion on December 11th. It was a lovely ceremony and we really enjoyed it. We were also very busy with our ‘virtual’ Christmas performance. We sang ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and ‘ Feliz Navidad’. In English we have been reading ‘The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey’. It is a lovely story. In art we have been making Christmas windows and we have also been doing some Christmas Mindful Colouring. In SESE we have been learning about Christmas around the world and we learned how to say ‘Happy Christmas’ in lots of languages. The boys in our class taught us. We have a class wellbeing Advent calendar and each day we open it to get a nice surprise. We are looking forward to Santa visiting our class on December 21st and our Christmas holidays on December 22nd.

Ms Comerford’s class

Room 1 have really enjoyed the exciting build up to Christmas.

We started the month off by finally receiving the sacrament of First Holy Communion which was a very special time.

We made a short recording of our Christmas poem The Grinch and also sang a verse or two of a song. We hope you enjoy our performance.

We made lots of Christmas art and we had a lovely treat day with a movie, popcorn and hot chocolate. We are really looking forward to the Christmas holidays and we wish everyone a safe and happy break. 

Ms Barry’s class

We are delighted to have reached the end of the year safely and it has been a very successful term.

This month we have worked hard to produce our class sketch which is part of the whole school production. Mr. Buckley gave us great advice and we are very proud of our work. We came up with all of the scenes and lines ourselves. None of it would have been possible without our parents and a huge thanks to them for arranging costumes for the boys in our class.

In Religion we learned about Advent and we made Advent Wreaths and counted down to Christmas.

We finished up rugby training and it has been so much fun. Everyone has learned new skills and really enjoyed themselves. Thanks very much to Paddy from the rugby club for training us each week.

We had an online call with author Darragh Mc Cullough and illustrator Sally Caulwell where they talked about their new book ‘The Great Irish Farm Book’. This was organised through Dublin Book Festival and we all really enjoyed it and learned about farm life and drawing.

In Art we have been busy! We made Winter Penguins along with Christmas cards for those in nursing homes in Nenagh, we also drew Christmas characters from one of our favourite games “Among Us” and collaborated to make a whole class Winter Picture.

In Gaeilge we have learned about An Nollaig and we are reading stories about Oisín and Ciara and their adventures.

We have definitely worked hard this month and we are looking forward to the well earned break. We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Ms Boland’s class

This month 4th class finished their English novel “The Sheep Pig”.  We really enjoyed the eand suspense at the end of the book.  We then watched the movie and compared the novel to the film.  We couldn’t believe all the differences between both but I think everyone agreed that the book was much more exciting.

We also finished rugby with Paddy this month.  We loved our sessions weekly and learned so much about the game.

We had great fun recording “A Ray of Hope” for our Christmas video.  I hope you all enjoy watching our Christmas video and a very Happy Christmas for us all in Room 8.

Ms Maher’s class

In December we were very busy.  We read Matilda and got to watch the movie when we finished the book, it was very enjoyable.

We made beautiful Christmas cards for the older people in Nursing homes around Nenagh.

We made Rock Road cake and had Hot Chocolate and marshmallows – yum yum

We made lovely Christmas decorations for our Christmas trees from clay.

Miss Maher made queen cakes and we got to ice them and put sprinkles on them.

We got to go to the computer room and use the computers – we had great fun…

Ms McCabe’s class

 We made lovely cards to send to our friends in the nursing homes around Nenagh as part of the Community Santa for Seniors.We are very aware that Christmas can be a lonely time for some, and we are happy to spread some Christmas cheer among our seniors.

We are well able to add, subtract and multiply fractions.

Ms McCabe read The Christmas Rat to us. It is a book about a boy named Erik who saves a rat in his building. We think the character Anje Gabrial is bad but there is a twist in the story.

On the 8th of December, to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception, we did a prayer service with the church via the nenaghparish webcam.

For our Christmas concert, we sang Memories by Maroon 5, and Jack wrote a Christmas song called Holidays.

Mr Hayes’s class

In December we had two tests!

We had a revised our maths and had a test! Everyone did really well!

We also studied history and we had a test which everyone did amazing in!

In drama our class we were preparing for our Christmas play.  All the other classes also did amazing!

Mr O’Sullivan’s class

This December, we’ve been having a great time preparing for Christmas. We have done lots of Christmas art, puzzles and crosswords. We really enjoyed our Advent calendar where we got a surprise each day of advent.  

We also finished our novel, “Reaching The Heights”. There was a really exciting finish to the story. We are looking forward to our holidays and We wish everybody a very merry and safe Christmas. 

Mr Buckley’s class

We have been super busy this month in room 5D. Every year all of the classes in our school perform a Christmas concert at the end of December for our parents, this year because of Covid 19 we have not been able to come together and do this, we came up with the idea that each class would still put together a performance and it would then be recorded and put into a video which will be sent to our parents to see. Our teacher Mr Buckley was recording each class and we got to be very involved and learn how all of the equipment works and how to edit and put the video together. We decorated our school sensory garden and turned it into a mini Christmas wonderland, we were helping to make props, we helped set up rooms and equipment for each class and we were also learning our own songs to perform. Our 5th class boys sang Silent Night and our 6th class boys performed in a Donald Trump sketch show, we had great fun and some of the costumes were very funny.

We got to have lots of nice treats this month, we made reindeer biscuits and decorated them with chocolate, pretzels and smarties, we had a lovely treat of hot chocolate, marshmallows and a selection box and we also to made sure to have some healthy Friday morning breakfasts like smoothies, fruit salad and porridge.

We got to take couple of trips out of school as the weather was nice, we made a visit to the castle field and we done a walk around Nenagh. We also got out to the track most days to complete our daily mile exercise walk. We are all really looking forward to our holidays now and having time off to relax.

Happy Christmas from everyone in room 5D………