Samhradh Samhradh

Samhradh Samhradh

Ms Sheary’s class

This month 2nd class were very busy. We had Active Schools Week where we tried lots of new sports and activities including frisbee, orienteering and tennis. Everyone had great fun on our school tour to the pool and the cinema. We watched Bad Guys and it was very funny. We finished the month with Sports Day. Everyone got an ice cream cone while watching the School Soccer Final. It was a lovely way to finish the year. 

Ms Glennon’s class

We have had a lovely end to our school year. It has been a busy but most enjoyable month. We played a hurling tournament in Kiladangan, where every boy got to show off their teamwork and hurling skills.

We had a most enjoyable Active School’s Week where we got to partake in many different sports such as tennis, rugby, hurling, gaelic football, orienteering and we even had a visit from the Scouts. It was all very exciting.

We had our own Wellness Day, where we got to choose the activities we liked to do for the day and finally a fantastic sports day on the last week. We had a busy and fun filled year in second class and are very excited looking forward to next year in third class!

Ms Liston’s/Ms Shanahan’s class

We had a fun filled month of June – a lovely end to Third Class.

We had our school tour which started with a swim in Nenagh Pool and a play in the park after. Then it was onto the cinema to watch the new Sonic movie.

We had active week which was filled with fun outdoor activities.

We had wellness day where the students came up with their own activities – we played board games, went on a river walk and made healthy fruit kebabs to eat with our movie.

We had a trip to Nenagh library and lots of boys signed up for their Summer Stars reading programme.

On sports day we played rounders, footgolf, frisbee and tag rugby to name a few. The day ended with the ice -cream van while watching the finals of the school soccer tournament.

We really enjoyed the last term in school and we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe summer holidays.

Mr Smith’s class

This has been a very eventful month in room 1.

As part of our school tour, we went to the Nenagh swimming pool. In the morning, we had a picnic in the park and in the afternoon we went to Nenagh Omniplex. It was a great day.

We had a wellness Friday to where we designed the layout for a day that would foster wellness and mindfullness for all the class. We designed an obstacle course, had a picnic/disco, we took a walk to Nenagh castle and finished off the day with free time in the computer room and some mindfull Viking art.

We had sports day too this month.

Thanks to the teachers that organised this. It was great fun.

Ms Barry’s class

The final month of the school year, we can hardly believe it!

This month we have been swimming every Wednesday, the boys have thoroughly enjoyed our weekly trips to the pool.

We also had a lovely day visiting the town park and the cinema.

Active Schools Week was lots of fun and we got to try out some new games including frisbee which was a big hit! We visited the Tennis Club and Nenagh Éire Óg and played games there.

This month we also went on the river walk and had a great time at Sports Day which finished with a delicious cone.

It has certainly been an active month!

This year has been a great year and the boys have grown and learned so much. It has been a very enjoyable 4th class and we hope that everyone has a lovely Summer.

Ms Maher’s class

In June, Active Schools week continued and we got to do Orienteering, Frisby throwing and catching, hockey and on Friday 10th June we went to the Pitch and Putt course and got to learn how to play Pitch and Putt. We were also Swimming and did the river walk as part of Active Schools week. On the 20th of June we had our School Sports day and we had great fun, we got a medal for participating and the Ice Cream lorry arrived and gave us all ice-cream.

Ms Maher made bubble cake and we had 2 parties for the boys that were going on holidays.

Mr Shine’s class

As ever here in 5th class we had an incredibly busy end to the year. There were a huge amount of activities in the school from wellbeing days  to active school’s week and of course our school tour. This year for our school tour we went playing pitch and putt and then had a pizza party in the park. The weather has been so good in June that we have tried to do most of our learning outside when possible. It was a great end to a busy year.

Ms McCabe’s class

We made it!

What a fun filled action packed month of June we’ve had. We had Active Schools, mindfulness, anti-bullying, sports day, and our school tour. We learned all about Bees and we wrote explanation texts on how bees make honey. We also learned about pollination, which was very interesting. We learned about the Great Hunger. We did lots of powerpoints and presented them to the class. We enjoyed playing Wordle every day. We learned about Castles on the i-pads and we did a Kahoot on them. We also made our own castles out of lego. Ten we visited King John’s Castle, Bunratty Castle and Nenagh Castle. Bunratty castle was a Viking Trading camp before it was a castle. We held a class show where everyone performed their party piece. It was class.

Everybody got a medal for participating in our sports day. We also got an ice-cream which was lovely. It was a perfect ending to a great year.

Mr O’Sullivan’s class & Mr Hayes’s class

Our time here in CBS Nenagh has come to an end for us this month. We will be very sad to leave but We have great memories of our time here and We are really looking forward to secondary school as well.

June was a very busy and fun month for us. Active schools week was great fun and we visited Nenagh Éire Óg, Train fitness, Riverdale pitch and putt and Nenagh river walk. We also took part in orienteering with Anda. Our Sports day also took place during June and We were very lucky with the beautiful weather that We had. There was also trips to the park and Nenagh castle which We really enjoyed.