Seachtain 5 – Happy World Teachers Day!

Seachtain 5 – Happy World Teachers Day!

3rd class – Room 14
Look at some of our lovely bookmarks. We are enjoying  reading our library books so much in Ms Brophy’s that we made our own bookmarks and got them laminated. Now we’ll always know what page we’re on! (click to enlarge)

5th class – Room 7
We looked at the poem ‘Useless Things’ (by Richard Edwards) this week. This is quite a funny poem and it was very easy for us to add our own verses. We did this by having an Edmodo discussion for homework. Then we took two lines from each boys own work and combined them together to make “Useless Things 2012”. (Click on the links to view our work)
Special mention to a couple of boys also –
Conor H won ‘Student of the Month’ for September and Dylan M scored a hugely impressive 0:09 on a Jigsaw Sudoku 4×4 puzzle. Go to to play this game.

6th class – Room 9

This week we learned a few interesting points about the hedgehog. We learned that hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures which means they sleep during the day and hunt at night; we also learned that a baby hedgehog is called a hoglet and they are white when they are first born; hedgehogs are omnivores which means they eat both plants and animals; hedgehogs have very long tongues which they use for spreading saliva over their bodies when they smell nice things.
Today we painted our own hedgehogs using “pointillism”. (click to enlarge)

Troy H
U’13 Gaelic football
Unfortunately we lost the second round of the U’13 Gaelic football championship. We played Two-Mile-Borris NS in Borrisoleigh. We received a walkover in our first match and we have one more round-robin match left v Gaelscoil Dúrlas Éile. Hopefully we can win this an qualify for the county semi-final.

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