September In the CBS

September In the CBS

Written by Jack Hassett and Oisin Maher Mullane 6th class

Welcome to our first monthly report from the CBS.

Here is a message from our Principal: 

Welcome back to a new school year. Last year we were kept very entertained and up to date with our website. The 6th class reporters did very well. I look forward to seeing all the fun and interesting things in each room this year being reported monthly. I hope our new second class boys are well settled in by now and also any boys who joined us at other class levels.

During September Ms.Brophy did her ice bucket challenge in school.
We also had a blue and gold day in support of Tipperary who sadly lost in the All Ireland Final.

Despite Tipperary losing, Nenagh Éire Óg won a lot of trophies and they brought them in to show to the whole school.

Second class, Room 1 Ms. Liston

In September, Ms. Liston’s second class baked some delicious brown bread. The all tasted a slice topped with homemade jam brought in by Daniel.
They also made some really cool leafy hedgehogs. Some of the other things they made were some nice sun pictures and rainbow pictures

Second class Room 3 Ms. Glennon

The boys entered a new school. They made Tipperary jerseys and shouted for their favourite team on the day. In art, the boys learned about primary colours and secondary colours. This class also made some really colourful rainbows.

Third class room 2 Ms.Slattery

Ms.Slattery’s were very busy doing a lot of art including big spiders and some 3D animals. They made these amazing fabric and fibre buildings. They painted Tipperary flags and jerseys in support of Tipperary. In science, they made some really nice bird feeders out of bottles.

Third/Fourth class Mr Smith room 14

They have had a very good month as they have done a lot of art. This class made pictures of the Children of Lir. The boys also made rock climbing pictures and Tipperary flags too. They also did a science investigation on sedemation.

Fourth class Ms McGrath room 13

Ms.Mcgrath’s class have made mosaiacs from Romeand a really cool model of a dianosaur.
They also made some nice sports jerseys. The boys also made pictures of them being sucked into space.


Fifth class Mr.Buckley room 7

Fifth class made some pictures of the Great Wall of China after learning about ancient China. They drew maps of their own town. They made some nice Tipp art too.

Fifth/Sixth class Mr.Shine room 8

In September, Mr.Shine’s made clay warriors and learned about the earth and plant life.
As well as that they made a crest to show what they liked. They made Tipp art too.
This class did a lot of English including the literacy box and debates.

Sixth class Mr.O.Sullivan room 9

Mr.O Sullivan’s class got a new substitute teacher for the month. His class made some nice hurling pictures for Tipp. They also learned about ancient China and ruins in Ireland.

Second-sixth class Ms.Ryan room 4

Everyone in room 4 settled back into school with a new teacher. Her name is Ms.Ryan.

They made Tipp art and made clay pots after learning about potters over the month. After learning the story of The Gingerbread Man, the boys decorated their own cookies. Don’t they look delicious. 

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