Summer News

Summer News

CBS Anti-Bullying Awareness week

Poster Competition:
Design an Anti-Bullying slogan/Poster
A4 Page, Name,Class
All entries entered into 2 draws; junior and senior

Prize: 20e Easons voucher sponsored by Eire Og 

A-may-zing May 

Ms. Liston. Room 1.

We drew pictures and did narrative writing.
We also did a ‘They Have A Word Wall’, and enjoyed making snails using clay.
The school garden is also doing well.

                                        Ms. Glennon. Room 3.
We learned about the poem ‘An Seilide’ le Aine ni Tuathile.
We learned all about the snail and did some colourful art work.
 We also had a visit from the Garda, ‘Maureen Finnerty.’ She spoke to both 2nd classes about her job and she even took our fingerprints.
Finally we learnt that May is the month of Mary and we put up a lovely May altar in our room.

Ms. Slattery. Room 2
In English we have worked on narrative writing as a class, in pairs and now we are writing our own stories.
We had our Cake Sale with Room. 4. It was a great success thanks to everyone’s help. We covered the cost of our bus.
In maths we’ve been busy carrying out tests from our MatheMagic and Sigma T test. We focused on problem solving games using team work.
In history we worked in pairs using our IPads to find out information on Anglo Saxon Castles and Knights. We presented our mini-projects to the class.
In geography we have learned about the skeleton. We found out facts on our bones, our teeth and the importance of a healthy diet. In Science we learned about the planets in the solar system. We are making our own solar system in small groups.
We have enjoyed keeping fit and working on different skills every Wednesday for athletics. We have also enjoyed learning a few Sean Nós Steps.
We had a great Sports Day and everyone enjoyed it immensely.

Ms. Meagher. Room 4.
 We learned about old transport and new transport.
We also had ‘Earth Week’.
Along with that we learned about countries and about area and perimeter.

                                          Mr. Hayes. Room 13.
We had power hour.
We also learnt about 2D shapes and rockets in science.
Along with that we learned about Nelson Mandela and the human body.

Ms McGrath Room14

We started cookery in our room once a week. We have made some tasty pizzas that the boys really enjoyed.
We did some lovely summer art. We created beach scenes and also designed sunglasses with images of our ideal summer in the lenses.
We created a relaxation area outside our room with couches and cushions.

Mr. Smith. Room 7.
This month we were lucky to be working with Mr. Mackey and Mr. Riordan.
In Maths we covered weight, the circle and chance.
In Science we covered Grass, seed, hedgehogs and soil.
In English we practiced letter writing and we finished reading our novel The Iron Woman, by Ted Hughes.
In geography, we learned all about Brazil and the Rio Olympics. We discussed the Olympic sprint and the idea of finer play. We had sports day this month too.

Mr. Hannigan. Room 9.
Lots of boys represented the class in a successful basketball blitz in Ballywilliam.
We looked at the causes and events of World War 1 in history.
Finally we created towers using cardboard.

Mr. Shine. Room 8.
We had a sports day.
We also are doing Sean nós dancing.
We are doing projects on the Euros.

We learned about ‘The Mayans’ and attended a basketball blitz where we came 3rd.

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