The New School Year in C.B.S. Primary Nenagh

The New School Year in C.B.S. Primary Nenagh

Ms Barry’s Junior Infant class

We have now completed our first month in Junior Infants!

We have done a great job settling into our new school.

We are learning new rhymes every week and we now know Humpty Dumpty and Star Light Star Bright.

We are getting on great in Maths learning about sorting and we are able to sort in many different ways now. We also learned about 3-D shapes and we went on a shape hunt.

In art, we stuck Humpty back together again and we also designed our names for Religion. We also made beautiful handprint pictures.

In Aistear we learned all about ourselves and school and we had great fun designing in our junk art station. We also had fun in our pretend classroom.

It has been a very busy month but we are having lots of fun in Junior Infants and our teacher is very proud of us.

Ms Sheary’s Junior Infant class

Ms. Sheary’s Junior Infants have had a great first month at school. We had lots of fun getting to know each other and finding our way around our new school. We learned new rhymes this month – Humpty Dumpty and Star Light, Star Bright. We have been learning how to sort and make sets in maths. This has been fun.

We used our hands to create some lovely art – Our Friendship Tree and Friendship posters. We are having lots of fun playing and we are looking forward to October already.

Ms Glennon’s 2nd class

Rang 2 have had a busy month of September settling into their new school in the CBS. For the month of September we concentrated on the theme of “Mé Féin”. We learned about the county we live in and our locality.

For history we enjoyed hearing the story of Oisín in Tír na nÓg.

For art we listened to the poem “The Day the Crayons Quit” . We discussed how we are all unique and special. Each boy created their own crayon.

We also learned about the Primary colours and Secondary colours and then we painted some lovely colour wheels.

The boys in rang 2 are looking forward to enjoying lots of new experiences this year.

Mr Smith’s 3rd class

Our class has been extremely busy this September.

In maths, we have been practising column addition and subtraction.

In PE, we started Futsal with Tracy from the FAI and Mr Smith has continued this for the past few weeks. We have started gaelic football with Pat too.

In SESE, we read the story of the Salmon of Knowledge and as an extension to this we learned about some of Ireland’s wild animals.

We did some mapwork too, learning all the counties in Munster and in Connacht.

In gaeilge, we have been ag labhairt faoi agus ag cleachtadh “mé féin.”

In art we have created our own scribble art. These turned out great.

We also created a hands up display. We learned how to draw a barn owl.

Ms McCormack’s 3rd/4th class

What a wonderful start to the year. Fourth class have welcomed seven third class boys into the class and everyone is getting on great. We’re looking forward to a busy and enjoyable year.

In PE, we have been introduced to the Brazilian game Futsal. Futsal uses a heavier ball and it’s fast paced, which creates more opportunities for goal scoring. We’re also delighted to have started Gaelic football too.

In art, we’ve enjoyed making selfie polaroid portraits and learning all about perspective. Check out our fabulous autumn tree lined paintings!

We love story in our class, so learning about the Children of Lir has created lots of chat and art opportunities.

We’ve gone Lego crazy! If it’s a rainy day and we’re not going out to the yard at break time, we get creative with our Lego. Our fantastic creations are displayed on our windowsills and we’ve ran out of space already!

Ms Maher’s 4th class

September has been a very busy month. The boys are delighted to be back at school.

We started Gaelic Football with Pat and are really enjoying it. Futsal has also started and we are learning

new soccer skills. Our new spelling programme has also commenced and we are really enjoying doing

our spelling tests on the computer and then playing the games. In SESE we are learning about trees and

we also did our art using different leaves of different shapes and sizes.

To celebrate being back at school we made a chocolate biscuit cake and it was delicious.

Mr Shine’s 5th class

This year we were all delighted to get back to school and back to learning.

This month we have been revising a lot in maths doing a lot of multiplication and division everyone favourite.

In history we explored the world of the ancient Mayan people and how they lived.

In art we made our class jigsaw to show how we are all interconnected in our class and in our wider world.

Ms Liston/Ms Shanahan’s 5th class

We have been so busy this month with so much going on in the classroom.

In English we are focusing on Comprehension, Handwriting and Reading every night. How they present their work is so important and the boys are rising to the challenge.

In Irish we are concentrating on Irish conversation (Comhrá) on a different topic every week and the class spend fifteen minutes every day partaking in this activity. Irish reading every night, expanding their vocabulary and grammar has also been our focus for this month.

In Maths we are currently doing Multiplication Masters whereby the class are tested on their tables three times a week and progress up the leader board when they know their tables. Strategies are provided to help with learning the tables.

We currently have Colm coming every Friday morning to instruct the class in Chess and the class are really enjoying it. Huge thanks to Colm. For the rainy days the boys have learned how to play the games of cards called “lives”

We are currently learning about the formal elements of Art and for the past two weeks are concentrating on Line and Tone.

The boys are learning the tin whistle and have learned, The Scale, Hot cross Buns, Mary had a little lamb and turn on the sun. Music notation was also introduced to the boys.

In Science and Geography, the Class covered the topic of Plants and some of their Medicinal properties. As this was a project the boys were working together in groups.

In History we learned about the story of Diarmuid and Grainne, The Maya People and also, we got to visit the Town Hall and see the exhibition the Garda Siochana are holding at the moment to celebrate their time so far in Nenagh.

Finally, as part of digital learning we have introduced the boys to Book Creator. This is an app that allows the student to create books with images, written work, audio files and more that can be imported to create content for their book. The boys are loving the new challenge and can work away at home on it also.

Mr O’Sullivan’s 6th class

We were delighted to return to school in September after the long Summer holidays. It was great to meet up with friends again and to meet our new teacher. We settled in well and are enjoying being the senior class in the school. Rugby with Pat has already began for us and it is going very well. There will be another 3 weeks of coaching.

Some boys in our class have started training for the school Gaelic football team and there will be a blitz for us during the next few weeks. We are looking forward to the rest of the school year and preparing for our confirmation and getting ready for secondary school.

Ms McCabe’s 2nd – 6th classroom

We all settled in well to Room2 this month. Ms. McCabe is our teacher and we also work with our base class.

In September, we did lots of work in reading, writing and maths. We also did fun things like play games with Eoin and Daniel on a Monday, Library visits on a Wednesday. On Friday we are allowed to play the noisy games like Frustration, Operation and Burp the Baby. We use the sensory room and we cook or bake every week. We baked a chocolate cake for Edvards 11thbirthday. It was lovely. It has been a fun filled year so far and we are looking forward to October.