Winter begins!

Winter begins!

by Tom O’Hara and Eric Gleeson from 6th class room 9

We started off this fun month with science week. 
The two 6th classes went to the U.L. on the 11th and the 12th. They learned about carbon monoxide, the human brain and criminology. Thanks to Junior Achievement who sponsored this trip.  
The two fifth classes went to the Arts Center to attend a Procter and Gamble presentation.
Second, third, fourth and room six worked with two intelligent Arrabawn scientists named Shane Mulcahy and Ann-Marie Casey and they learned about bacteria and milk. Everyone had great fun.

The science of popcorn was investigated by 4th class who sold the results
along with chocolate apples made by 3rd classes
and soup made by 4th/5th class.

On Friday the Exploration Dome came to the school. Inside this huge dome, the boys learned interesting facts about space. Amazing images of planets, stars and constellations were projected around the inside of the dome. Everybody got a fright when the shark crashed into the dome!

Ms. Liston’s second class learned about the human body and they got a scary skeleton to put words of  body parts on it. They learned about winter words and put them on a chart. They also drew brilliant line drawings of the sun and its rays.

Ms. Glennon’s second class learned how tasty milk got from the cow to the kitchen table. They made a garden of remembrance so they could remember the people that have sadly passed away. They listened to the interesting story of  Jesus calling Peter and Andrew. They made projects about famous inventors and inventions such as Benjamin Franklin and Kurt Christensons and many more fascinating scientists. They are now preparing for what is going to be a wonderful Christmas play called Humpty Dumpty.

The two second classes held a cake sale to raise funds to buy costumes for their Christmas play “Humpty Dumpty”. 
Look at all the delicious cakes they have for sale!

Room 6 enjoyed their science week with the two Arrabawn scientists. They talked about bacteria and milk. They enjoyed the exploration dome. Jason and Aaron were picked for the doodle for google, their doodles were lovely. Jason and Martin won the Christmas decoration competition. Martin Pratt won a medal  in St. Pauls boxing tournament on the  twenty-fourth. Jason and Dylan have their enrollment mass for their confirmation soon.

Ms Slattery’s 3rd class made fascinating sculptures out of colourful pipe cleaners such as cars and men. They made interesting projects about the country Spain. They made models of a finger to find out why knuckles are wrinkly. They went into the exploration dome to learn about astronomy.

In music, the boys listened to music from Harry Potter and drew pictures of their feelings. 

The bacteria on our fingers.

Advent Wreaths

Project about Spain

Mr. Ryan’s third class met two Arrabawn scientists and they showed them experiments. In the first exciting experiment they used bacteria and in another the two scientists used loads of  elephant toothpaste. Room 4 told us they had great fun . Two boys won prizes in the journey to school map competition. Their names are James and Leszek.

Our Chocolate Apples
Science Experiment

Ms McGrath’s class made Vikings with sharp swords, tough shields and heavy helmets. Some people are now able to use pens since they got their magnificent pen licences. They signed anti-bullying contracts to stop mean bullies hurting people. They have a facts wall where two boys are picked and they have to come up with an interesting fact.



Mr Smiths  4th/5th class did a density experiment with a pear and an apple. They also made rock
climbing art. They did a history project on Women who made a difference. During science week the boys had  great fun learning how to make healthy soup with vegetables from the school garden.


Mr Buckley’s 5th class went to visit Nenagh castle. Kevin gave them a very interesting talk on the history of the castle. The boys are now making models of Nenagh castle.

They are also making superheroes and hope to make their own Superhero annual for 2014.

For science week they checked the viscosity of washing up liquid. They also went to the Arts Centre for a presentation by Procter and Gamble. 

View from the top of the castle

Inside Nenagh Castle
Winners of Doodle4Google in Room 8

Mr Shine’s 6th class have been doing hurling, rugby and swimming. They have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and about the Plantations in Ireland. Three boys won the Doodle4Google competition in their class.

Mr O’Sullivan’s 6th class went to U.L on a science week trip. They learned lots of interesting facts about carbon monoxide and how to take fingerprints. They learned about the left and right side of the brain. They have been very busy doing rugby, swimming and hurling.


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