The school was filled with spooky creatures and scary ghosts for our Halloween fancy dress competition. Everybody made a huge effort with their costumes. Well done boys!

The winning costumes
The winning costumes from each class

Mad scientists, ninja’s and vampires in room 9

Mummies, kings and coffins in room 13
The boys from room 8 have found Wally!

Spooky creatures from room 7

Vampires, witches and werewolves in room 6

Michael Jackson taking a bite out of a knight in room 3!
Batman and skeletons outside room 1 

Vampires, ghosts and Tetris in room 2
Skeletons, vampires and zombies in room 4

Vampires, ghosts and Frankenstein aka Mr Kennedy!

Making Halloween goodies in room 12
Playing snap apple with Frankenstein!

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