Fun in October

Fun in October

 Written by Paul White Ryan and Conor McMahon from  6th class,  Room 8.

The whole school has been very busy over the month of October.

Each class was working hard on their recount writing and the best from each class read out their recounts to the whole school in the G.P. Room.

The whole school have been working hard on Mangahigh for Maths Week 2013. The winning classes and the top ten boys in the school all received a prize at assembly.
The U11 football team recorded their first win in Littleton against Two-Mile-Borris. Unfortunately they didn’t get through to the final. We have found some very promising players for next year.

Father Ger held a prayer service in the school to celebrate National Day of Prayer. Every class wrote their own prayers which they read during the prayer service. The hall was decorated with fabulous artwork.

                                                      2nd Class

This month the boys in Ms Liston’s class have been doing Halloween art. They have been enjoying R.K. sports and they really like playing lacrosse. The class have been learning about the bones of the human body using Sammy the Skeleton. They did their word wall and their Irish words. They also planted daffodils and hyacinths.

Ms Glennon’s class learned about Autumn including, deciduous trees, migrating birds, the hedgehog and many different things.

 Frankie the teddy bear came on his holidays from Room 1, so far he has been to French lessons with Max, the playground with Noah, to visit Matthew’s Granny along with many other places. They wrote Halloween recipes. They also enjoyed writing recounts

In Ms Callanan’s class, the boys are involved in the Credit Union art competition and drew lovely pictures. Eoghan Coffey had an enrolment ceremony for his First Communion.  They have been going swimming every week. Jason Richardson got a prize for the winning recount in his class.

The class went on a nature walk and put together a this fantastic nature table.

 3rd Class

The boys in Mr Ryan’s class have started hurling every Monday with Robert, their trainer. The winner of their class recount was Emmet Kennedy. They also took part in Mangahigh and the winner from their class was James Thijssen. The whole class came third in the whole school and they received a homework coupon.


The boys from Ms Slattery’s have had lots of fun making their own stethoscopes using tubes, a bottle and insulation tape. They also sketched hurleys, tennis balls and a lot of different things. They did recounts on a wide variety of things. They learned how to play lacrosse with R.K. sports. They learned how to catch and throw the ball.

4th Class

Room 14 did a project on Pompei. They designed Halloween fireworks. They also made Halloween silhouettes.

The class wrote Halloween recipes in Irish. They called them Biachláir. They also came second in the best Mangahigh class.


  4th/5th Class

The boys made spider webs for art. They went swimming once a week and they also played hurling. They did two science experiments. The first one was a sand experiment and the second one was a pickled egg experiment. They also wrote a lot of recounts. They worked really hard at Mangahigh and won more points than any class in the school! Jaden was the school champion.

                                                         5th Class

The boys from room seven did Celtic designs and made mutant slugs for their art. They also went swimming. The winning recount from their class was written by Gabriel. They also got a new game called connect 4. They started learning long division.

6th Class

In the month of October, Mr O’Sullivan’s class made their own superheroes and supervillains. They made a comic and wrote descriptions of them. They went around the world to different cities and saw different landmarks such as  the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty. For Halloween they made skeletons. This is Mr Sculley’s last month. He is a nice teacher and has been here for 5 weeks.


The boys from room 8 went to see  the writer Óisín McGann in the library and received a signed drawing from him.  Three boys went to the hurling field and were interviewed for the radio by Tipp F.M. Half of the class go hurling in the G.P. Room on Monday and the other half go on Tuesday. They go to rugby every Wednesday with Pat their coach.


     We hope everyone in the school has a good Halloween and we will be back with another update in November. Keep an eye on our twitter account @nenaghcbsp for news between now and then.

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