September In the C.B.S

September In the C.B.S

Written by Ben Kirk and Adam Hogan 6th Class

Welcome back to school everyone! .We are delighted to have everyone back and would like to welcome the two new 2nd classes. We have a new principal Ms Brophy and a new deputy principal Ms Hayes. Three new teachers have also joined the school. Their names are Mr.Smith,Mr.Shine and Mr.Kennedy. We have gathered some news about the month of September from every class in the school.

2nd Class

  In Ms.Glennon’s class they learned about the primary colours and secondary colours. The class also painted rainbows and learned about
Noah’s Ark.

In Ms.Liston’s class, they made healthy brown bread and each boy got a taste. They said it was lovely. They also made leafy hedgehogs out of leaves that they collected outside.

3rd Class

In Mr.Ryan’s class they wanted to remember their summer holidays by colouring pictures. The first week back to school, everyone drew a portrait of the person sitting next to them. Their class will also be starting hurling and people from Èire òg will be coming to train them.

In Ms.Slattery’s class they made skeletons because they were learning about the bones and muscles in the human body. They also painted tissue paper paintings and they are currently in the middle of their latest art project,

In Room 6, everyone was happy to see their friends again. They are delighted to welcome Eoghan Coffey to the class. They all take turns to play with him in the yard. They love Tuesdays and Thursdays because they do swimming and sports. Dylan and Aaron won medals for the Tipperary reading tree project. They like art and they have a photo with their patterns.

4th and 5th Classes

A new boy joined Ms McGrath’s class this year. His name is Diogo. He is from Portugal and he is very good at soccer. They also learned about the Titanic and painted pictures of it. They did self portraits of themselves falling into space.

In Mr.Smith’s class they designed these amazing flags. The flags contain colours that represent something about them or about where they are from.

In Mr.Buckley’s class their drawing boxes are keeping them busy. Currently they are drawing about ”Buddy” their novel. They are also learning about the Titans and the Olympians.

6th Class

In Mr.O’Sullivan’s they have a new teacher that helps them in the class. His name is Mr.Scully. They are doing a project on an around the world trip. They are also doing a project on marsupials. They have started rugby on Wednesdays. They are also playing Gaelic football.



In Mr.Shine’s class they made jigsaws about themselves and they did paintings of haystacks. They started rugby and some people started Gaelic. They won the best assembled class in week one. They are doing a project on Marie Curie and all the boys are supporting Clare because their teacher is from Co. Clare.

This is the end of the news for September. We will have another update at the end of October but please keep in touch with the school on our twitter account @nenaghcbsp.

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