Winter Warm up

Winter Warm up

by Christy and Phelim

St Gall’s class
This month has been a very busy month for our class.
We are busy with Power Hour.
In maths, we looked at shapes and symmetry. We used calendars too.
In history, we learned all about Gráinne Mhaol and her story.
In science, we carried at an experiment to see how plants drink water. We also investigated the properties of air. Ms Brophy also invited us to her room to a chromatography experiment with filter paper.
In art, we designed our own Grace O’Malley galleys.
In geography, we studied the different pasts of a castle and we are learning about maps and how to use them.

St Gobain’s class

We have been a very busy month. We went to the swimming pool every Tuesday. A soccer coach from the FAI is training us on the new yard every Wednesday. On Thursdays we had the opportunity to go to the library for story time we are all members and take out books each week. Active school started last week we are trying to reach landmarks in Poland, Latvia and Romania as we have students from these countries in the class. We aim to walk a km every 2 days to reach these destinations.

St Flannan’s class

We had a great week of experiments during science week. Shane from Arrabawn came in and did some amazing chemistry mixtures. We have just completed our novel James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl. We all enjoyed the book. It was very imaginative. We are preparing for our Christmas play and songs. It is going to be breath-taking. We really enjoy participating in the food dudes programme and ate lots of fruit and vegetables. We are doing 10mins of exercise in class each day to help us become more active. 

St Fintan’s class

This month we have really enjoyed science week. We got to visit the art centre and do a lot of fun experiments. We are excited to take part in earning our active school flag. Every day we are getting active through 10 at 10, go noodle and some yoga. We are also working hard preparing for our Christmas play.

St Enda’s class

We had a very exiting month. This month we started judo every Friday at 11.45. In our class we started doing class dojo and it is working out really well. On maths we learned 2d shapes, lines and angles. In class we made a construction of bridges and we participated in a colouring competition. Every day we do 10mins of exercise to help us get fit and earn our blue flag. We started Food Dudes and we know how important it is to eat fruit and veg.             


St Declan’s class

We started this programme called junior achievement on wed 7th November with a lady called Teresa from the HSE. We talked about money and how you can save money. We are learning to be to be smart consumers. Food dudes commenced on Friday 9th Nov for six days. We loved the fruit and vegetables and the prizes were lovely. We learned about medieval castle is history and we created our own castles. On Friday 23rd Nov we made vegetable soup it was lovely and warm. We had a terrific science week. We went to the UL to see some fantastic experiments and we also visited the CBS Secondary school to work in their science lab a scientist  this was very enjoyable. We studied Leonardo da Vinci in history and learned about the Mona Lisa. We worked together as a class to create a giant Mona Lisa. All the boys were given a square that appeared to be an abstract arrangement of shapes and colours. We got some brilliant paintings on the windows of our classroom. They included Salmon of knowledge from mac cuaill, flags  of the world, Tar brooch and the Diary of a Wimpy kid.                

St Diarmuid’s class

Przemyslaw Goral won 50 tickets for the Ireland vs Northern Ireland game on 15thNovember. He designed a mascot for the under 17 team and won a prize for his effort. We remembered our loved ones every day in November and especially deceased members of our families. We entered a National standards Authority of Ireland completion by creating and drawing a robot. We went to the UL during science week to a magic show and we went to the secondary school for a science project we organised Greenschools project along with the GS committee. Lots of children are learning about Local diversity. We can’t wait for the late late toy show on Friday.   

St Canice’s class

 November in St Canice’s was another busy month.

We created a tree in remembrance of those belonging to us who have passed away.
We also learned about how different countries around the world mark All Souls and we found the countries in our atlases.
Science week was a big part of November. We went to Nenagh College for STEM Day, we went to one of the science laboratories in the CBS Secondary and took part in loads of experiments. We carried out our own experiments to predict which brand of washing up liquid would give the best bubbles for our bubble snakes.
In fabric and fibre in Art, we made our own sock puppets which became bubble snakes. We had great fun making the bubble snakes.
We also researched native Irish trees, animals and birds in the computer room for the Green Schools Biodiversity competition.
In Geography we learned about bays and inlets and learned some of the major ones around Ireland.
In History, we learned about World War 1, which was very interesting with the 100 year anniversary of Armistice Day on the 11th of this month. It was also interesting because we are reading ‘The Guns of Easter’ at the moment which is also based around WW1.
We have started preparing for our Christmas concert in Music, our act is classified!
We took part in the Food Dudes healthy eating initiative and we all were doing more activity during class time because our school is going for an Active School Flag.

St Conall’s class

As part of science week, we visited both C.B.S secondary and Nenagh collage. We really enjoyed our visits and the plenty of science experiments over the two days. We also looked at the impact WW2 had on people around Europe especially Anne Frank and her family. We took a tour of her old house online. As we prepare for the winter ahead, we looked at winter scenes through our window panes in art.

St Thomas’s class
We had a very busy month. During science week we went to the UL to see a science show. It was brilliant. We also saw a science show in the GP room with Shane from the creamery. We did experiment’s in the class room also. We learned about the Antarctic and the Artic. It is very cold there and we learned about some of the animals that live there. We visited the garda station this month. It was very interesting we got to see the cells and their guns. We started Food Dudes this month too. We tried lots of different fruits and vegetables we learned how important it is to eat healthily.

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