A New School Year in Nenagh CBS Primary

A New School Year in Nenagh CBS Primary

Ms. Glennon’s 2nd class

We have had a busy September in room 3. Firstly twenty two new boys started in the class. They have been busy revising, learning new things and having fun!

In Irish this month we focused on Me Fein, while in SESE we learned all about Our Locality (Nenagh,Tipperary and Munster).

We read and discussed the poem The Crayon Box That Talked” by Shane Derolf. The boys then created their own unique crayon and we put them together in our own box of crayons.

We explored the Primary and Secondary colours in art and painted some rainbow umbrellas.

Finally the boys enjoyed listening to Roald Dahl’s story of The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me”.

We are all looking forward to a great year ahead.

Mr. Smith’s 2nd class

The boys in Room 4 are new to the CBS but we have settled really well into the school especially considering the strange times we are in.

We have been very busy since school has resumed.  

We carried out an all about me project to introduce ourselves to the CBS.

In maths, we have looked at patterns in the hundred square and also we have learnt all about data handling and graphs.

In history, we studied the story of Oisín and Niamh in Tír na nÓg. It is a really interesting story, one that we all enjoyed.

We also learnt about knights and we noticed that some knights had a logo on their shields. These are called coat of arms and some people use coats of arms as symbols for their families.

In science, we investigated minibeasts and explored different areas in the school yard where we might find minibeasts and we got some interesting findings.

In art, we designed our own ladybirds. These turned out great. We also created a shield with custom coat of arms.

Ms. Spaight’s 3rdclass

Room 2 have all settled very well back into school life.

We have had a busy month getting back into school routines and getting used to new routines. We have been practicing handwashing and sanitizing routines every day.

We have learned about the flags of the different nationalities in our class.

We had great fun with art this month- drawing ‘half’ self-portraits and using pastels to create autumn leaves.

In P.E we have been learning basketball and soccer skills.

In Geography we are learning about the counties of Munster and we have had great fun with the ‘Know your Ireland ‘ app on the ipads.

We are also busy getting ready for our First Holy Communion which some of us will be making on October 17th. We are really looking forward to it.

Ms. Boland’s 3rd class

We were very excited to return to school this September and see our friends again. We have learned how to multiply in 2’s 5’s and 10’s and we revised all our shapes. We learned all about animals and their habitats. We have also Spent a lot of time preparing for Our First Holy Communion. We hope we can celebrate this special occasion very soon. 

Ms. Barry’s 4th class

This month we returned back to school and it was great to meet all our friends again.

We are delighted to have two new friends in our class- Jozsef and Baker.

We have all settled back into school very well and the whole class is working very hard.

In English we learned a new poem ‘The Coming of Iron Man’ and also read a story about it.

We also started reading the novel ‘Street Child’ and we are really enjoying the story so far!

In Irish we are learning about Mé Féin agus An Fomhar and we went out on a nature walk to see the signs of Autumn around us. Some boys found blackberries. We learned the song Alanna in Irish and we are really enjoying our Irish book Bua na Cainte.

Art- We have done some fun art in class, we drew masks on ourselves and also learned about the artist Piet Mondrian. We created our own Piet Mondrian inspired prints. We also worked with chalk and Autumn leaves to create Autumnal pictures.

In History we learned about the brave Amelia Earhart. We used the iPads to research about her life and then made projects about her life. We also learned about the story of the Children of Lir and created collages in our Pods based on the story.

in P.E. we were doing Outdoor and Adventure activities and we did orienteering around our school following maps.

In Maths we revised things that we learned last year and then we practiced adding and subtracting big numbers- we can add and subtract millions now! We also learned about Data and carried out some investigations about boys preferences in the class and represented them in pictograms and tally charts.

We look forward to seeing what October will bring.

Ms. Boland’s 4th class

The boys in 4th class have settled back to school really well over the past few weeks. We have enjoyed practicing meditation a few times a week and our Emotions Diary has now become a part of our daily routine. The children were delighted to hear that there would be no more spelling tests in 4th class as we have started the Spellings for Me programme which is a fun and interactive way of learning our spellings. In geography we have learned all the counties of Ireland and luckily the weather allowed us to get out lots so we were able to play rounders.

Ms. Maher’s 5th class

We are all delighted to be back at school.  The first week we talked all about what we did when school was closed, we did loads of activities with our families.

We started a new programme in Irish called Bua na Cainte – it is lovely and we are learning all about Mé Féin.

In Maths we are very busy revising

In Science we picked some flowers and dried them off. We then placed them in kitchen roll and put them into a big book and placed lots of other books on top – we will check to see if they are dried in 2 weeks time.

We also planted some spring bulbs in Science.  Miss Maher mixed up all the bulbs so we won’t know until they begin to sprout in the Spring, the bulbs were tulips, daffodils, crocus, narcissus and Hyacinthus.

We created our own bookmarks in Art and we also drew some funny clowns.

On Fridays after our tests are all finished we plays games, it is great fun.

Ms. McCabe’s 5th class

We were all a little scared but excited at returning to school after 5 months. We quickly settled into our “New Normal”. Ms McCabe put us into pods within our class bubble. We generally stay as close together as we can. We have our break and lunch separate to other classes, and on the yard we have to stay in our bubble. It’s OK now that we’re used to it. We all agree that we would rather be in school than on Lockdown. It’s less lonely.

This month we read The Iron Man. We did a lot of well-being and mindfulness in class to help keep us calm and grounded. We learned about square breathing and made cool mask pictures. We really enjoyed playing Rounders in PE. It’s good to be back.

Mr. Hayes’s 6th class

It was an awesome month for Room 7. We settled back well into school and some of us were happy to be back too!

In Maths, we learned about Data, Averages, Lines and Angles and how to use our protractors. We completed some revision also.

In English, we learned about the Bermuda Triangle, Global Warming, Advertisements, Capital Letters, Nouns, Verbs and Adverbs.

In Gaeilge, We did Briathars (Verbs) in Aimsire Chaite (Past Tense), Aimsire Laithreach (Present Tense) and Aimsire Fháistineach. We are currently learning the Irregular Verbs.

In History, we learned about the Great Famine, The Fenians, The Land Wars, The Home Rule Crisis, Nationalism and Unionism, Building, Sites and Ruins in Ireland and Mahatma Gandhi.

In Geography and Science, we did Life in Rural Tipperary, Materials and Change, The Irish Coasts and the Human Eye.

In P.E, we played Football, Basketball and some Athletic. We also enjoyed playing Games of Hand Rounders with Mr. Tynan.

In Art, we did some sketching and drew some still art drawings. With Mr. Tynan we designed our very own superheroes and had a little competition. Then we made little figurines out of clay. We had great fun making those little figurines.

We had great fun this month and hope we have more fun next month!

Mr. O’Sullivan’s 6th class

We were all delighted to return to school after lockdown. The best part was getting back to meet all our friends again. We didn’t get any homework for the first weeks so that was brilliant. Things were a little bit different when we returned because we had to sanitise our hands a lot, had different times for our breaks and had to stay in our own seats throughout the day. We are all used to this now and everything is fine.  

During our first week, we spoke a lot about the coronavirus and what we all did during the lockdown. We have been doing lots of revision this month as we had forgotten some things since we were last in school. We also began a novel called, “Holes”. It is very good so far and we are really enjoying it. It is about a boy named, “Stanley Yelnats” who gets sent to a boys detention centre called  “ Camp Green Lake”. 

We have started getting hot lunches again this year and they are really nice. Homework has also started now but we are still very happy to be back in school with all our friends. 

Mr. Buckley’s 2nd 6th class

Our first month back in school has been great fun and very enjoyable, we are settling in very well and we are getting used to all the changes in school. We have learned lots of exciting things about autumn. We learned about the trees changing colour and loosing there leaves. We went on a nature walk and collected leaves and chestnuts. We used the leaves we collected for our art, we created lions and squirrels. We have started back doing our weekly cooking and every Wednesday we go to Lidl to buy the ingredients we need for cooking.

 On Thursdays after lunch we do our cooking and on Fridays we have breakfast morning, this month we have made porridge, flapjacks, hard boiled eggs and toast and French toast, some of us tried honey in our porridge and really liked it.

Every morning we do meditation this helps us to relax and prepare ourselves for the day ahead.

Because of Covid19 we cannot make our usual weekly trips to the library so we have learned a new way to get our books, we place our order online and we walk to the library every Monday and collect our books. Only one person is allowed to go into the library so Mr Buckley goes in and picks them up for us.