Oíche Shamhna Shona Duit (Happy Halloween)

Oíche Shamhna Shona Duit (Happy Halloween)

Ms. Glennon’s 2nd class

For the month of October we mainly focused on learning about autumn. We learned a lovely Irish poem called Duilleoga Deasa and the boys painted trees from their handprints in the autumn colours. We also made squirrels using crepe paper.

We learned lots of amazing facts about the spider and even made our own spider terranium.

Mrs.Kelly helped both second classes to put together a project on a scarecrow. It turned out very well.

For Maths week, we played various maths games and competed against other boys around the country using Mangahigh.

We learned all about the different customs and traditions associated with Halloween. The boys helped to carve out a pumpkin and then we sowed some of the pumpkin seeds in compost as an experiment to see if they will grow.

On Thursday 22nd of October, Garda Maureen Finnerty spoke to the class on Zoom about Halloween safety.

We all dressed up for “Trick or Treat for Temple Street” on Friday 23rd of October and celebrated the midterm break with a little party.

Mr. Smith’s 2nd class

We have been very busy in school this month. 

In irish, we learned vocab relating to Halloween. We learned a nice poem too called “Oíche Shamhna”.

In maths, we have looked at column addition with renaming, 2d shapes and calendar work.

In history, we learnt about Halloween as an Irish tradition.

This month we started our spellings for me program.

We got to have a zoom call with Garda Maureen Finnerty who spoke to us about staying safe this Halloween. It was really informative and helpful and we will sure to be safe during the midterm. Huge thanks to Maureen for giving us this time.

In art, we designed our own autumnal trees. These turned out great. We also designed our own bat shadow wallpaper and we painted our own pet monsters.

Ms. Spaight’s 3rd class

Room 2 have had a busy October .

We were disappointed that our First Holy Communion was postponed from October 17th but we will be looking forward to celebrating it soon we hope.

In art we designed and made scarecrows using different materials, fabrics and fibre. Everyone had different ideas.

We entered the Supermac’s colouring competition and we are really hoping that we will win.

In P.E. we started rounders. It is great fun. This is the first time we tried rounders.

We have been enjoying the build up to Halloween, learning spooky poems, and songs. We also wrote Halloween acrostic poems. We learned a Halloween Skeleton dance.

In maths we are learning multiplication, we have tables competitions every week.

We also have started learning chess. It is good fun.

We had a busy week for math’s week. We watched Maths Week T.V. We did a car park trail and we learned lots of new maths games. We are looking forward to the midterm.

Ms. Comerford’s 3rd class

We are very excited for Halloween! This month we learned lots about the history of Halloween and where the tradition comes from. We made lots of Halloween art and we enjoyed making some scarecrows too. We have been working really hard on our multiplication and are making great progress. We were so lucky to have a zoom call with a local Garda who told us all about the importance of keeping safe at Halloween.

Ms. Barry’s 4th class


We learned about Multiplication and Division and we all learned how to do them very fast. Our teacher was very proud of how hard we worked to learn how to multiply and divide.

It was maths week and we took part in lots of fun activities including a Maths Trail and maths tricks using dice and shapes. We also took part in Mangahigh and everyone made a big effort- special mention to Dominik, Kacper, Artiom, Cian, Alexandru and Przemek who all scored very high. Well done boys!


In English we are continuing to read the novel Street child and we have completed several activities about the book, we pretended to be characters from the novel and conducted interviews with these characters. We are looking forward to seeing how the story will continue. We also leaned the poem ‘Daddy Fell into the Pond!’


This month we took part in the school project to make scarecrows. We all made a mini scarecrow each, as well as this we made Autumn inspired silhouettes and some Halloween decorations.

We have had a busy month and we are looking forward to our well earned Mid Term Break.

Ms. Boland’s 4th class

October has been a really busy month for 4th class.  We have started working on a new reading app called Reading Eggs and we are really enjoying earning eggs and winning virtual prizes.  It is also helping us with our reading and English in general.  We have learnt all about the Romans and how powerful their Empire was for over 1,000 years.  We had great fun completing a project on Italy and most of us can’t wait to visit Italy once all the Corona Virus restrictions are lifted.  In art we created our own versions of the Mona Lisa and we also made and painted clay monsters for Halloween.  Each pod have brilliant fun designing and making their own scarecrow and we loved looking at how different they all were. We are really looking forward to our Halloween holidays and we can’t wait to dress up on Friday for Trick or Treat for Temple Street.

Ms. Maher’s 5th class

In Art we drew some lovely clowns and we created our class Scarecrow and we called him De Vinkey.

In gaeilge we learnt all about Oíche Shamhna

We had great fun for maths week and we all got to play Mangahigh and we also learnt about length and got to measure loads of things.

We are learning all about cycling with Cycling Ireland.  It is great fun and we are learning all the rules.

In Science we discovered what flowers look like when we leave them to dry – they look really cool.

In History we learnt all about Leonardo de Vinci – wow he was a really interesting character.

On Friday we are all dressing up for Trick or Treat for Temple Street and we are having a party in class.

Happy Halloween everybody from  5th class…

Ms. McCabe’s 5th class

We had 2 authors visit us virtually on Zoom for Book Week. One was Megan Wynne. She wrote “The House on Hawthorn Road”. Ger Siggins wrote “Rugby Spirit”. They were very good. We started the novel James and The Giant Peach. It is very good and we are getting to know the characters. I like the novel so far.

On Friday we have Cycle Safety lessons from Rich and Leroy.

We made our very own ScarecrowJoe. Jake also made Jeff the Hand Collector all by himself.

We have been doing mindfulness. I find it helps me to concentrate on my work.

For Pe we have been doing Basketball skills, and we even got to play a few games. We also learned how to dribble and pass properly. All in all, a good month of October.

Mr. Hayes’s 6th class

It was a Spooktacular month for Room 7. We had a lot of fun.

In maths we learned about Problem-Solving, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. We also learned about the circle and the parts of the circle. We learned how to get the circumference and area of a circle. We also learned that pi is 3.14 and the Bodmas rule.

In English we learned about adjectives, suffixes, verbs, idioms and prepositions. We did positive, comparative and superlative (i.e. small, smaller and smallest). We completed a cloze test and a quick procedure. We also finished our novel ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’.

In gaeilge we read the story Turas Scoile in Bun go Barr. We also read the story Oíche Shamhna. We continued our verbs in Aimsir Chaite, Laithreach, Fhástineach and Neamhrialta.

In Geography and Science we learned about Cuba, The Seven Life Process and how to extract sugar and the human brain. We also learned about the environment.

In art we designed our own class scarecrow, a giant Halloween class picture, an elephant and a mandala. In P.E we started rugby with Pat on Wednesday  and we had great fun.

Mr. O’Sullivan’s 6th class

In the month of October Mr O’Sullivan 6th class have done a lot of fun things such as reading our first novel Holes by Louis Sacher that we have  nearly finished.

We divided into groups of four and made a scarecrow, we used materials such as grass, old clothes, old runners, we used sticks and we taped them together to form the body and added the rest of materials and decorated it, it was lots of fun working in groups.

Some of the boys decided to make their own scarecrows.

We also drew a cat for Halloween art and we made skeletons which turned out very well.

For maths week we did Mangahigh. All the boys in the class participated, one of our classmates came first in school which gave us a great lead.

Rugby has started and we are very lucky to be able to play Pat is our coach we do drills and he explains the basics of rugby. This is enjoyed by the whole class.

We have really progressed in maths. We moved onto angles which are really interesting to learn about. We revised long division and long multiplication and on the 15th of October we had our Halloween test. 

Mr Buckley’s 2nd – 6th class

This month has gone by very fast, we got lots of work done and had loads of things happenings in our class. At the beginning of the month we got our monthly reward from September, for this we had chosen to have a picnic in the park. We made the picnic ourselves; we had salad sandwiches, juice, biscuits and chocolate treats. We had a great time and the weather was very good.

We started doing some gardening with Mr Buckley, we are planting bulbs now that will flower in spring, before we could plant the bulbs we had to tend and weed the garden, it took us a few days and was very hard work, we planted lots of daffodil bulbs and can’t wait to see them flower in spring time. We are continuing with our cooking, we made some pizza rolls, tried some yogurt and granola for breakfast and had toasted sandwiches.

Mr Greene has given every class the task of designing a scarecrow, we are great fun making ours, our class went and gathered the wood that we used for the arms legs and body, we got an old punctured ball that we painted and used for the face, Mr Buckley brought in some clothes and wellies and an old scarf that we used to dress our scarecrow. We are so proud of our scarecrow and the effort we put into making him.

On the 14th of October it was Charlies birthday, we had a lovely party with lots of treats

We are all looking forward to having a break at midterm and getting some rest.