May News in Nenagh CBS Primary

May News in Nenagh CBS Primary

Ms Glennon’s class

This month we started Power Hour with Mrs. Hanley and Anda. We read lots of books each day and also did extra reading at night time.

We learned all about the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. We painted sunflowers and also planted a sunflower seed each. We look forward to taking these home and planting them outside for the summer.

We learned about the lifecycle of the butterfly for science. We enjoyed painting our own colourful butterflies. We also read about the Cabbage White butterfly in our Read at Home book.

We are currently running the “mile a day, for the month of May” challenge and it is great fun. We are hoping to reach Tokyo on our Map. We have already reached Athens and have covered almost 6000km!

Mr Smith’s class

This month we have been busy with our Olympic school’s challenge.

We recently crossed the Athens marker and we are on our way to Tokyo via New Dehli.

In maths, we have been studying worded problems and money.

In SESE, we have been investigating wildebeest and the Ethiopian wolf in our Africa topic. This was very interesting. We found out lots and learned about children’s lives in Ethiopia and traditional African stories.

In art we created a lovely safari sunset scene and we did some cool relief art too. 

We also studied the trees of Ireland.

Mr Gubbins’ class

This month we have been learning all about measures in Maths, we’ve been measuring different objects in our class and at at home.

We have been covering the theme of Summer in all of our other subjects and we’ve all enjoyed the recent good weather.

We have been learning lots of new Rugby skills and rules with Pat every Wednesday morning and we’ve been having a lot of fun playing some matches.

Ms Comerford’s class

We enjoyed learning all about Ancient Egypt.

We also worked on chance and 3D shape in maths and finished An Teilifis in Gaeilge.

We are enjoying our rugby sessions each week and we have really improved since we started.

Ms Barry’s class

In English we learned about how Climate Change is affecting the planet. We looked at the causes and some things that we can do to lesson our effect on the planet. We pretended to be journalists and interviewed animals who are affected by climate change. 

In Maths we learned about capacity.

In SPHE we learned about healthy eating and how best to fuel our bodies.

In History we learned about the Celts and their lives.

In Science we learned about aerodynamics and we designed parachutes and let them fall from the window. We watched to see which material worked best at keeping the parachute up.

In Music we learned about body percussion and we also learned the cup song and we had great fun practicing it.

In P.E. we learned how to play dodgeball and had some excellent matches.

Overall it was a busy month but we had great fun!

Ms Boland’s class

This month we are coming to the end of our class Novel Kensuke’s Kingdom. Everyone has really enjoyed the sense of adventure, the suspense and the emotions that have arisen throughout the book. We created Pirate Pictures in art class to tie in with out novel and we have written some fantastic pieces as well.

We also created really cool “Masked Selfies” and “Hanging Baskets” in art class.

The boys interviewed their teacher on what school was like for her all those years ago !! They found out lots of interesting points and then went on to interview and talk to their Grandparents about the types of schools they attended. A comparison was then drawn up between schools today and shcools in the past.

For the past week our class have had to work from home once again due to Covid 19. This has been a difficult time but the boys engaged really well with our daily zoom calls and the online work that was assigned to them. I am so proud of them all.

Because the boys have worked so hard over the past number of weeks and months we have started our Ice-Cream challenge. Every boy has the opportunity to earn individual points each day so that by the end of June they will all have earned enough points for 2 (or maybe even 3) scoops of ice-cream, toppings, a flake and some syrup. Something to look forward to as we head into our last few weeks of 4th class !!!!

Ms McCabe’s class

In Maths we learned about Ratio and Averages.

In geography we studied the EU. We joined a live Zoom with 217 other schools from all over Europe, and took part in an online Table quiz about the EU which was fun. Afterwards, we made our own lego Eiffel towers and uploaded them onto a padlet.

In PE we learned some soccer skills with the help of the FAI resources for schools. We played some games. We are continuing our mile a day and really enjoy the movement break. A mile is 4 laps, but most days Aaron can run 8 laps. He is a great influence on the rest of the class.

In art, we studied Picasso and Van Gogh. Picasso was born in 1881 and was into cubism. Van Gogh was born in 1853 and was a post impressionist. Our class mural of Starry Night looks great in the hallway.

Ms Maher’s class

In maths we learnt all about Lines & Angles, Area & Perimeter, The Circle and Weight.

We completed our Sigma T tests on 21st of May and 24th of May – Paper 1 was fine but paper 2 was challenging.

In Gaeilge we learnt all about Sa bhaile

We have completed a lot of Cloze Procedures and we are now finished our Spellbound.

In Science we found out loads of information and knowledge about Space and the planets.

We then designed and coloured a range of different planets.

In History we discovered how people and animals communicated years ago.

On Friday we went to the Computer Room and had great fun playing educational games.

Mr Buckley’s class

We have had a very busy and fun month. The weather has been very good and we were able to do lots of outside activates. We have been working very hard in the school sensory garden, we have planted wildflower seeds and been cleaning up the garden and getting rid of all the weeds and dead flowers..

We are all progressing very well in our Reading eggs and Maths seeds. We have all reached higher levels and have been reading more books every week. We are doing our meditation every morning and we all find it very relaxing and calming.

We had 3 birthdays in our class this month, Joey, Jerry and Karlis all had birthdays in the same week. To celebrate we ordered food from Supermacs. We got pizza, spicy wedges and coke; we also had some sweets and cake. We had a great day and really enjoyed the treats.

Mr O’Sullivan’ class

We had a very busy month of May this year. We were busy preparing and doing our sigma and micra tests.

There was four zoom meetings this month with Castletown retreat centre who were helping us prepare for our Confirmation. It was very good and we did it in place of the regular rereat to Roscrea. The people doing it were very nice and we really enjoyed it. They also sent us a present of a pencil with all the ‘ Fruits of the Holy Spirit’ written on them. We were disappointed that our Confirmation had to be postponed this month but we will do it later in the year.

We were also very busy doing ‘ The Road to Tokyo Olympic challenge’. We run four laps of the track every day and log our activity. We are beginning to get alot fitter and we are finding it easier to run.