New Year News

New Year News

Mr Smith’s class

This month has been very busy for our class.

We were delighted to have Mr. Tynan working with our class for the first couple of weeks after the break. Thank you Mr. Tynan.

Our class completed swimming at Nenagh Leisure centre.

We have started Power Hour and the boys are doing really well.

In SESE, we learned all about the Giants Causeway and also Chinese New Year.

In maths, the boys have dealt with estimation, fractions and column subtraction with renaming.

This month, we also did a project on our grandparents. This was part of our Grandparents Day mass celebration. It was a great day.

Ms Glennon’s class

We celebrated catholic schools week and grandparents day. Every boy in rang 2 interviewed a grandparent and completed a project on them. These were displayed at our schools grandparents mass. We learned about fractions in January. We made fraction fish for art. In S.E.S.E. we learned about china and the Chinese New Year. 2020 is the year of the rat. For wellbeing week we enjoyed mediation and mindful colouring.

Ms Comerford’s class

We had a busy start to 2020! We have learned about 3-d shapes in maths and we have also started division. We have begun our hurling training with Bertie and its lots of fun. We were lucky to have a visit from the RSA who thought us all about road safety. This week we are celebrating wellness week and we are enjoying the activities.

Ms Liston’s class

This month our class did knitting. We went to Grandparents mass and it was a great success and we started rugby with Paddy. We played a lot of games of Simon says this month as well. We made cardboard shapes and we had lots of fun doing that. We really enjoyed wellbeing week and the activities. We made a castle out of paper. We played games on the computers and we had a hurling tournament.

Mr Hayes’s class

We have had a busy start to 2020. We are celebrating Nenagh 800 this year and we visited the courthouse and heritage center already. We are looking forward to our visit to Nenagh castle soon. In maths we have learned about the relationship between fractions and decimals. It is so much fun. We have begun buddy reading with Ms Spaights 4th class. In science we made butter and ate it with scones and jam. In History we learned about the Normans and the motte and baileys. We have started hurling training with Bertie. We love Hurling. We also welcome a new student to our class. Welcome Gilberto!!!

Ms Spaight’s class

We have had a busy start to 2020. We have started hurling with Bertie which are really enjoying. We have teamed up with the other fourth class for Buddy Reading on Fridays to help improve our reading. In Art we have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and we painted/used oil pastels to create our own version of his famous painting Starry Night. This week, we have been enjoying wellbeing week. We have enjoyed all of the mindful activities and we especially liked the mindful colouring and meditation.   It’s a great way for us to unwind during busy school day. We enjoyed Grandparents mass on January 29th and we are especially proud of our Class members who are so beautifully in the choir.

Ms Maher’s class

This month, our class made a chocolate cake and had a party because Kamil was leaving to Poland. We drew still life pictures and we also started rugby with Paddy. We started close procedures in our preparation for our Micra T. We had Grandparents mass which was a really great success for our school.

Ms McCabe’s class

We had a great Christmas holiday and we had fun. In maths, we did multiplying fractions, decimals, tenths , hundredths and thousenths we also did look backs too. In English we started persuasive writing .We also enjoyed power hour and our novel Under the hawthorn tree. In Irish, we did Sa Bhaile, an Gorta Mór,  Aimsir Fháistineach agus graimear.

In history, we learned about the famine, the life in the famine, the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Brehon law and the battle of Boyne. In geography and science, we did the people and communities, France, electricity and the experiment what will happen when warm air meets a cold surface. In religion, we practised our songs for the grandparents mass and used the bible. In art we looked up information about our family crests and drew them on cardboard shields.

Ms Boland’s class

We have had a very busy month of January. In our first week we held a hugely successful cake sale which we raised over €400.   This money went towards the cost involved in our class Robotics project. We visited           Kilruane N.S to pick up some helpful tips for the vex competition which we went to last week. On Tuesday, we set off to Dell in Limerick to the legion finals. Our robot did lots of tricks and impressed the judges. Overall, we did really well for our first time and we all thoroughly enjoyed the day. The boys have really embraced wellbeing week and we have had lots of class discussion arising from our school Graduation Tree and Resilience Power point. The mindfulness colouring was very popular and the boys love when we take in some guided meditation. In the classroom we have started our novel Holes. We are learning all about the bays and headlands of Ireland and our games are proving very popular.

Mr O’Sullivan’s class

We have done projects on Australia and we did Aboriginal art with Mrs Sheary. We go to mass every Friday in preparation of our confirmation. We have started wellbeing week. We have also started swimming this week. In maths, we are doing fractions, decimals and percentages. Some people went to the C.B.S opening night and Nenagh college opening night.      

Ms Sheary’s class

We had a great start to the New Year. We all had intentions to work hard and try our best this year. We went to the heritage centre on a trip. We had an excellent tour around the old jail. It was very interesting. Our flowers that we planted with Miss Finn were in full bloom when we returned to school. They are now at home where we are looking after them. We have been having healthy breakfast choices for our breakfast mornings. We are looking at ways to more fruit into our mornings. We are enjoying wellness week and are committed to using the strategies we have learned this week on a daily basis.