New Year News

New Year News

Reminder – 26th February (Election day)

Just a reminder to pupils and parents, Nenagh CBS Primary, will be closed on Friday, the 26th of February as the school is a polling station.

Midterm Assembly

We had assembly before the mid term break. The winners from each class read out their procedural writing pieces. Here are the winners. Well done boys.

Here are the boys whose acts of kindness were recognised by their classmates. Keep it up lads.

Daniel Gamon and Luke Molamphy

Ms. Glennon      room 3

We are preparing for our 1st confession on Feb.4th

We learned about the story of the lost sheep.

The boys did an interview with their grandparents and then did a project on it. They turned out really well.

 At the moment we are concentrating on procedural writing in class. We are writing lots of different recipes.

Ms Liston      room 2
Ms Liston’s class learned about the counties of Ireland.
We learned difficult words and put them on our word wall.
We also learned about flowers.

In maths, we learned about counting money and the different currency’s.

In English, we are learning about how to write a procedure.  

Ms Slattery     room2
In history the boys learned about the Egyptians and the Pyramids in Egypt.

 In English, we have learned about Menus and have created their own menu.

We learned the dance steps to “it’s your move” from Operation Transformation. 

We are taking part in the lunchbox challenge so photos of healthy lunchboxes will be forwarded to Operation Transformation .

We designed, created and painted their medals.

We learned about the artist L.S. LOWRY and created one of his pictures using charcoal and sketching pencils .

In R.E. room 2 are piloting 3 weeks of lessons from the new R.E. programme ‘grow in love’. We are learning about Moses at the moment .

In gaeilge the boys have covered the themes bia and caitheamh aimsire .

In maths the boys have covered the strand data. We produced block graphs. Now we are focusing on length at the moment.

Ms Barry’s       room 4                                           

We completed our Report Writing genre, there were some fantastic reports written and we were so delighted for Cillian who did a fantastic report about Lizards. We also learned the poems Twas the Daze before Christmas and a Reindeer Rap.

Bhí an Nollag ag teacht agus bhí an athás orainn!!
We were learning all about Christmas and Daidí na Nollag. We were delighted with our great bronntanis!

In maths, we are flying through the tables. Some boys are up to 10 times tables already. We are learning them so well and we are very grateful for the support we get at home with our tables. We also began learning about the division sign and we learned the basics about dividing.

Christmas art was great fun!  In the Fabric and Fibre strand we used material and rice to make and design snowmen. It was great to use our imagination to make our snowmen unique.

We got some FANTASTIC news for our artwork in December also. Our class were chosen as winners of the junior section of the lego competition. We were so delighted and proud because we worked really hard together to try and make the town that we thought would be really great. We used everyone’s ideas and Dylan and Jake did a great job presenting all of our work to the judges.

In Music we revised the songs Silent night and Away in a Manger and we performed these with the rest of the school at the Christmas Mass.

In History and Science we learned about staying in touch and about how there are different methods of staying in touch now than there were in the past. We also learned about the inventor of the computer-Charles Babbage.

Mr.Hayes     room13
We went to Nenagh castle, the heritage centre , and to the court house as part of our SESE. It was really interesting.

We are learning how to write a procedure in English class.
In maths were working how to do long multiplication.

We grew blue hyacinths which are fully bloomed. They look quite and are brightening up our room.

We also learned about planets and the solar system.

We also did clay models of Nenagh castle.

Ms. McGrath      room 14
In SESE we learned about the arctic and some of the animals found there.

In English we are doing procedural writing. We learned how to make a cup of tea and toast. All the boys went to Lidl to buy the ingredients and we all had a breakfast morning on Monday where the boys made their own cups of tea and toast.

In art we did some creative designs. The boys all designed a quarter of a circle each and we joined them together to make our creative art.  

Mr. Smith    room 7
In maths we have been dealing with time and fractions and decimals.

In English we are looking at procedural writing. We have read several procedures and we have also followed and carried out some procedures; how to make jelly….etc. The class as a group has also examined, edited and improved some procedural writing texts.

In Science we have investigated how the how digestive system works and discovered many interesting facts.

In History we learned all about famous traders and explorers of the past, e.g. Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan and Grace O’Malley. We examined and observed some of the goods and spices these traders and explorers dealt with.

In geography we studied the physical features of the Americas.

In art our class drew our very own caravels. A caravel is a ship that was used by Columbus. We also experimented with how the intestines are coiled up within our bodies.


Mr. Hannigan    room 9
We started our procedure writing and are preparing a class recipe book

We also looked at the history of Mona Lisa and did a chalk portrait.

We have continued playing rugby every Wednesday with Pat Fitzgerald.
We have started our projects and have picked a topic each to research and present.

Mr. Shine    room 8

This month our class got to go swimming in Nenagh swimming pool.
We also resumed playing rugby with Pat Fitzgerald.
We have been learning a new game called “prison ball” in PE.

In history, we learned all about Brehon Law. We also learned about the plantation of Ireland that took place in 16th and 17th century. This involved land being confiscated from the Irish by the English crown and colonised with settlers from Great Britain.

Boys in 6th class got to visit the CBS Secondary school and were shown around the school campus.

In poetry this month, we have been learning; Mise Éire by Pádraig Pearse.

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