Spring News

Spring News

by Alex, Bartek and Sam

Ms.Glennon’s class learned about the tooth. We carried out experiments to see how much sugar is in the drinks that we drink.
We learned about writing procedures and recipes. Dylan won a prize for the best recipe for the best weekend ever.
We are learning all about Spring.
We made our First Confessions.
We are learning about Vincent Van Gogh and we painted sunflowers.
The pupils are enjoying tasting different fruit and vegetables with Food Dudes.
We are learning “The Siege of Ennis” for Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Ms.Listons class has a Spring word wall for Spring.
In Maths, we learned about weight. 
For science we learned about teeth. We also did an investigation on how much sugar is in food we eat.
We did the 1916 proclamation signatures, and are learning about the seven people who signed the proclamation in 1916.
We are learning the interesting life cycle of the frog, animals and their young. 
We spoke about children giving up or taking something up for lent. We covered the weather. 
We also did food dudes healthy eating.

The class have learned about fractions and made pizzas using their favourite ingredients to show the fractions we have learned. We are now learning about time and we made lots of clocks.
The boys are reading a book called “The Iron Man” by Ted Hughes. We have made pictures of the main character using black card and chalk.
We are also learning about the 1916 Easter Rising. We wrote about the rebellion and each of the leaders. We also made a model of the G.P.O out of cereal boxes and paper.

Ms.Slattery’s 2nd class completed their procedural writing in English, and there were some very interesting ones written. Our lucky winners were Julian and Jacek. We also learned the poem “The wearing of the green”.
We are doing power hour in their room. Our reading is improving as we are reading many enjoyable books.
In Irish, we learned two new songs 2 Oro se do bheatha bhaile and Amhrain na bhian. We covered the topic sa bhaile and me Fein.
In maths, we covered length, capacity and area. We enjoyed creating their own character in area using squares and giving their character a name.
In History, we learned about the seven signatories who signed the 1916 proclamation. Thomas McDonagh was one of the seven signatories who was born in Tipperary. In groups we compiled projects on the seven signatories, the Irish flag and education in the past. Eoin’s Grandad was very helpful, he visited their classroom and told them all about his school days. This information was very helpful when we were doing their project on Education in the past.
We also drew pictures to highlight the 1916 rising which took place in Ireland 100 years ago.    

Mr Hayes’s 4th class covered the 1916 rising, we looked at the papers and made some projects.
In procedural writing we covered recipes and games.
We learned to sing stand by me.
For poetry we learned “I see his blood upon the rose”.
In maths we learned time, length and distance.
We also did scratch projects in ICT.
In art we made lovely pictures of roads.
We also did book reviews.

The class recently finished their procedural writing.
The boys had lots of fun designing their own coasters from old CDs.
We learned all about length, width, perimeter and percentages.
In Irish Dancing, the boys are learning “The Siege of Ennis”.
The class are reading “The Iron Man” by Ted Hughes and “Stanley” by Peter Gunning.
The boys learned all about Roger Casement For history.

Mr. Hannigans class made a class recipe book for their procedural writing.
The boys continued working on their projects.
We looked at the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.
In sport, the boys played rugby with Pat Fitzgerald and completed their swimming lessons.

Mr. Shine
Mr. Shine’s 5th/6th class did Irish dancing with St. Mary’s convent primary school. 
We also did Joan Miro art.
Our class finished our novel; The White Horse of Zennor. 
We learned about the great famine of Ireland.
In maths, we learned about area and length. 
We had a friendly debate against Killaloe N.B.S.For February 
For Grandparents week we went to the Church and had a Grandparents mass.

The boys continued with our procedural writing. We learned the procedure for making lots of different breakfasts. Last Thursday, the class went to Lidl to buy ingredients for breakfasts and enjoyed eating it on Friday morning.
The students made lovely art for Valentine’s Day. We also painted poppies using our fingers.
In history, we are learning about the 1916 Easter Rising. 

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