Proclamation Day; 15th March 2016

Our Proclamation

In the name of the past generations whose sacrifice and actions lead the Irish people to her flag and celebrated her unique identity and culture and traditions that were inherent in the nation, we the pupils of scoil na mBraithre, an tAonach once again call on all Irishmen and women to create a nation that we can all be proud of. To Irish men, women and children both living here and abroad we are proud to re-write the 1916 Proclamation and outline our hopes and dreams for the next 100 years. We are calling on the current generation of people to support her flag and ensure our country continues to prosper throughout the next 100 years.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank and remember those who have contributed to our great country. Past generations have fought hard for our freedom. We are well aware of the pain and grief endured by many, and will be forever grateful to those who ensured our freedom.
We call on our nation and one another to create a place to live where those who are ill will be cared for with compassion and dignity that all those in our society will have access to medical facilities whatever their age, occupation or whichever part of this nation they reside. It is equally important that each person feels safe and secure in their own homes especially the elderly.
We declare that all citizens of this great nation are equal no matter their gender, race creed or religion. We cast off the prejudices of the past and create a nation of true equality.
Ireland should also continue to be a beacon of peace throughout the world keeping our neutrality intact and fostering peace throughout our island and abroad. Previous conflicts with our neighbours should be put aside and the friendship that now exists between Ireland and other nations should be continued. When it comes to uniting the entire island of Ireland that should only be done if a majority of all its citizens vote for that unification.
We demand that the opportunity of education is offered to all citizens of this nation and that it should remain free and encouraged in society. All levels of education should be of the highest quality and should be free for its citizens.
We implore that a voice should be given to those under 18 and that the right to vote and have your voice heard should be reduced to 14.
Ireland’s picturesque landscape should also be cared for and maintained. Our environment is paramount and so more should be done to care for it. Recycling should be mandatory as well as a crackdown on polluters from littering to industry polluting on a large scale should be stopped.  Public transport to help ease pollution needs to be provided in all of Ireland not just in cities but all over the island of Ireland. Alternative fuels to power the country should also be used instead of using fossil fuels.
We declare that Ireland should provide help to its citizens in their time of need to give them a helping hand when they are at their weakest. Those without homes or jobs or those with health or mental health issues should be helped by our society. But those who choose to abuse this system should be strongly encouraged to stop and provide for themselves.
We also declare that we will hold on to our traditions past and present including our language. Ireland has always had a rich tradition of poetry, song and dance that is world renowned. These traditions need to be nurtured and protected. These traditions help to give us our identity and are a valued part of our culture.
As our nation grows and prospers we should help other nations as they aspire to find their feet in nationhood.  Through direct aid and personnel we should endeavour to help those in the entire world who are struggling and are not as privileged as our nation.
We the students of Scoil na mBraithre an tAonach set these out as our ambitions for our fledgling nation that we may strive to achieve all these goals for our children and the future generations of this great country. It is our belief that the above can be achieved. if communities can work in harmony and not rely totally on the power of government. We as a group pledge to contribute to our country in a positive manner and lead our country to a better place.
As we sign this proclamation we remember those who have done so before us and pray that we can be as brave and strong as them. They have taught us to fight for what is right and will continue to do so.

Signed on behalf of the staff and pupils of Scoil na mBraithre Aonach.

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