Seachtain a Dó

Seachtain a Dó

We’re now 10 days into the new school year and things are going well.

2nd class – Room 3

On Thursday we had RK Sports. It was fun. We really enjoyed ourselves. We made our Art folders and we are colouring in our aquariums at the moment. Our music lesson was all about fish this week and we learned two new songs, At the bottom of the sea and Alley Alley Oh!.

2nd class – Room 1

We did art this week about Mr Hedgehog. Here is one of the pictures we did. 

3rd class – Room 14

This week our favourite subject was Maths. We got to play fun maths games. We played with dice, we played Snap and Go Fish with cards, we played addition games on the computer, we measured various things in the room, we got to make 3-D shapes with Polydrons, we learned time with a magnetic clock and we practised our mental maths with ‘Ten Frames’. 

We had a good topics week, each boy presented a topic to the class. We heard about sharks and whales, the moon , fish, planets, shooting trips, Mahatma Ghandi, Big Ben, Poland, Latvia, Manchester United, Eruptions of the Sun, gravity, sleep-overs,  Luis Suarez, endangered species, legoland, dogs, nature, hurling and even cockroaches. 
I wonder what we will learn about next week.

3rd/4th class – Room 2

“Our class did art this week. We did pointilism. Pointilism is where you draw a picture using dots. I did a crest that says my name. Cian did his name. Jack did a football pitch. Conor did a robot with a six pack. Art is great!”


5th class – Room 7

For Roald Dahl Day on Thursday, we read Chapter 2 from George’s Marvelous Medicine and we had a discussion about our favourite parts from the film Matilda.
Jimmy informed us that Roald Dahl actually wrote the screenplay for the James Bond film You Only Live Twice!

You can find loads more information about Roald Dahl and his books at
We did an Edmodo quiz for homework on this internet article.

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