Week 1 down… and it flew!

Week 1 down… and it flew!

It’s been a busy week in our school this week having returned from the summer break on Monday. We have two new second classes, some new pupils in the other classes, a new teacher in Ms McGrath and plenty of stories from a fun-filled Olympic summer.

Of course, during the first week, books and copies need to be sorted out, teachers and need to get to know their new pupils (and vice versa) and the mood is one of preparing for the year ahead. It probably didn’t help that the sun was beaming through the windows having been as láthair all summer but no doubt the farmers were happy anyway.

We have lots of news from the week.

22 boys came into Mss Finn’s 2nd class (Room 3) on Monday.  “We had a great first week in the CBS. We went out to the running track and we played parachute games. We love our new school.”

“In Ms Brophy’s 3rd class (Room 13), we learned about chickens. We learned that the white of the egg is called the albumen and it protects the chick as it is forming in the egg. However, we still don’t know which came first – the chicken or the egg!”

“We in 4th class (Room 8) are all happy to have moved upstairs in school this year. Our teacher is Mr Ryan. Last year, half of our class was with Ms Ryan and the other half was with Ms Brophy. We want Tipperary to win the All-Ireland minor hurling final on Sunday.”

“In Mr Kenny’s 5th class (Room 7), we started blogging this week using Kidblog. We wrote about ourselves and we also made a connection with Ms O’Keefe’s 5th class in Kinvara, Co. Galway. We connected with them through Twitter. They are blogging this year too and we read many of their blogs and left comments on them. Of course, we also left comments on each others’ blogs. We’d love it if people from around Nenagh and Ireland (or even the world!) read our blogs and left comments to let us know what they think. Our blogs can be read here.”

“We in Mr Buckley’s 5th class began the year reading an old Russian folk-tale called Bella and the Bear. For art, we made comic strips of the story. Here is an example of one. There is another example here.”

“Ms Glennon’s 6th class (Room 9) would like to welcome a new boy, Alex Hughes from Cappawhite, to their class. We are all mad-roaring for Galway to win this weekend, with the promise of no homework on Monday if they do!”

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