The return to school is nigh!

The return to school is nigh!

Monday September 3rd approaches now with all the certainty of a wet Irish summer. Homes will be filled with the sounds of groans and alarm clocks, clothes that haven’t been worn for two months will be taken out, there’ll be hurried breakfasts or none at all. There’ll surely be a few things forgotten. And that’s just the teachers!! The image below has been doing the rounds on the Internet for the last week or so. It reminds one of the old Gregory Harrison poem Distracted the Mother Said to Her Boy, also reproduced here.

Distracted the mother said to her boy,
“Do you try to upset and perplex and annoy?
Now, give me four reasons – and don’t play the fool-
Why you shouldn’t get up and get ready for school.”

Her son replied slowly, “Well, mother, you see,
I can’t stand the teachers and they detest me,
And there isn’t a boy or girl in the place
That I like or, in turn, that delights in my face.”

“And I’ll give you two reasons,” she said, “why you ought
Get yourself off to school before you get caught;
Because, first, you are forty, and, next, you young fool.
It’s your job to be there.
You’re the head of the school.
It will be great to see everyone again. Looking forward to an educational and enjoyable year ahead. Hopefully everyone has loads of stories from their summer holidays and is buzzing to get back to learning!

Keep up-to-date with important dates this year with our calendar which can be found here or by clicking ‘Calendar’ at the top of the website.

Our Twitter following
We received our 200th follower this week, just days before returning to school. Maybe 250 before 31st December is a possibility?!

Big hello to @slanefarm, our 200th follower. #CCThink we might be their 100th 🙂 #C
— Nenagh CBS Primary (@nenaghcbsp) August 30, 2012

It was our aim to get to 200 followers before the end of June so we didn’t do too badly at all!

@sandramaguire Thanks very much Sandra. Next target is #CC before the summer holidays #edchatie
— Nenagh CBS Primary (@nenaghcbsp) April 11, 2012

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