September 2019

September 2019

by Oskar and Cian

Ms Glennon’s class (Room 3)

We welcome our two new second classes to the CBS. We have had a very busy month we learned all about Mé Féin as Gaeilge. We read the poem “The Crayon Box That Talked” and completed art on some of the Crayons. We learned two new songs for our beginning of year prayer service “the time to be happy” and “this little light of mine”. We are revising addition and subtraction in maths and are currently collecting copper coins with room 4 for a maths trail in October.

Mr Smith’s class (Room 4)

We welcome the new second class boys to the CBS. We have had a very busy month. In science with looked at how lemon juice and other acids react with items like baking. In geography, we studied our locality and the Munster region also. In maths we were practicing adding and subtracting with the help of the hundred square and empty number lines. We have started a copper trail and are competing against Ms Glennon’s class. In art, we did a project; All about me. We experimented with lines where we ended up with some nice scribble art.

Ms Comerford’s class (Room 1)

September has been an incredibly busy month. We have started swimming lessons which we are really enjoying. We have also taken-part in soccer and cross-country. We are enjoying tasting all the new hot meals every day. Our favourite is chicken curry! We are reading “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl and we made some lovely art. We have also welcomed three new boys to our class: Paddy, Cristian and Jaka. We hope they are enjoying being part of our class and are settling in well.

Ms Liston’s class (Room 2)

September has been an incredibly busy month. We started our power hour ever afternoon Monday to Thursday, five stations covering different aspects of the English curriculum. Boys participated in cross country and soccer training during break times. We set up our nature table and linked this in with our art project of creating a magical forest using what we gathered from around our track. In  history we created a timeline and we use it to link stories that we are doing. Room 2 have been learning the tin whistle and are progressing really well with all their times. We are also learning Slivenamon.

Ms Spaight’s class (Room 13)

Our class had a visit from an author called Oliver Mooney. She read some of her books “The Chronicles of Cadaven College” and she signed copies for us. Rm 13 completed tree projects and did a tree trail around the school! We are now learning all about  Japan while the Rugby World Cup is on. Some boys took part in the cross country competition in Thurles. 

Mr Hayes’s class (Room 7)

We have had a busy month in September. We have welcomed two new boys to our class, Benas and Gavin. In maths we are learning about big numbers and graphs. We are making graphs of the number of points each team has scored in the rugby world cup. In English we are enjoying reading our novels “Kensukes Kingdom”. In science we have learned about our eye, we have also learned why some people need to wear glasses. In history and Geography we have done projects on Japan and some other countries in the Rugby World Cup. Big congratulations to all who participated in the cross country championship in Thurles, especially Aaron O’Leary who brought home a bronze medal. Best wishes to those representing our school in the Gaelic Football blitz and futsal competition.        

Ms Maher’s class (Room 12)

We made chocolate rice krispies on Friday. We started swimming. In September we got our free lunches and they were delicious.

Ms McCabe’s class (Room 14)

We started chess lessons with Jim and Colm. Everyone is enjoying the lessons. In maths we did revision and Place value. We also loved the tables game. In Irish we did Mé Féin. We learned about our body such as m’aghaidh, mo chorp agus na Cosa. And we started doing Bia. In English we competed in the Dromineer Literacy Festival . We started Literacy Lift Off every Wednesday. In SESE we learned about Photosynthesis, Pollination and Buildings in Geography and Science. Then is History we learned about Diarmuid and Gráinne, China and the Great wall of China. In art we drew self portraits, coloured Tipp crests and made bookmarks. We also go to the computer room every Thursday. We typed out our Profiles and we made a power point on our passports. We loved doing And finally in P.E we played rounders every Thursday.

Mr O’Sullivan’s class (Room 9)

This month our class welcomed two new boys to the school. We learned a bit about the Rugby World Cup. We also started our novels “Holes” and took advantage of the nice weather and the sensory garden by reading our novels in the sensory garden. We also started hurling with Bertie on Thursdays down on the new yard. Some boys in our class went to the cross country in Thurles. We have all enrolled for our conformations that will be happening later on in the year.

Ms Boland’s class (Room 8)

September has been a really busy month settling into 6th class. We started hurling with Bertie and before that we had lots of fun in the sun shine learning the rules of Rounders. We painted sliotars and Tipp crests in art in anticipation of the Tipperary Hurling team coming to visit us. We learned “When I Played For County” by the Two Johnnies also. We created our own dance in groups to the Venga Boys “Venga Bus” song. Four boys participated in Cross Country making us all proud of their achievements.    

Ms Sheary’s class (Room 5d)

Room 5d has had a great start to the year. We learned a lot about Autumn and went lovely nature walks through the grounds of the school. We started getting hot lunches which we are really enjoying. We learned where food comes from and how it ends up on our plates. Jerry, Gerry, Mikey, Joey and Cian have been playing Gaelic football with Mr Hannigan. They are loving it. Karlis and Charlie have started playing soccer. they are having lots of fun. Because we had such a good start to the year we had tea and cakes to celebrate 4 great weeks at school.