Springtime Summary

Springtime Summary

Catholic Schools’ Mission at Nenagh CBS Primary.

Thanks to Sr. Ina, Sr. Rosaleen and Marion who visited our school this week.

There was a concert held on Thursday, 8th of March at St. Mary’s of the Rosary church as part of the mission. The boys performed well and parents were in attendance.

The mission was a great success and the boys really enjoyed it.
Many thanks to all.

Seachtain na Gaeilge
Táimid i rith an Seachtain na Gaeilge ag an am sin.

St. Fintan’s

Room 3 had an extremely busy month and did many things.
We made our first Confession in early February.
To celebrate Valentine’s Day we painted gorgeous Kandinsky hearts and made cards for our Mothers and Fathers.
We worked hard at our power hour.
We learned many things about spring whilst learning about China and the Chinese New Year.

St. Flannan’s
Our class had a very busy month.
Boys in our class made their Reconciliation for the first time at Saint Mary’s of the Rosary Church. 
We investigated floating and sinking and also we carried out some of our own investigations.
In maths, we did money and column subtraction with renaming.
We also went to Nenagh College for a hurling blitz, which was great fun. 

St Enda’s

We completed art based on the artist, Piet Mondrian.
We began learning about the counties in the province of Munster and also completed the novel ‘War Game’ by Michael Foreman which was a great read. We learned lots about World War 1.

St Eugene’s

In English, we read a new novel called Iron Man by Ted Hughes. It is a book about a small boy called Hogarth who finds an iron man and we become unlikely friends.
During maths we learnt about fractions and decimals, we now know we’d prefer a ½ a bar more than a 1/8 of a bar.
For music we are learning to play the Tin Whistle and have started to learn Ba Ba Black Sheep.

St Declan’s

In Science, we learned about electricity and everything to do with it.
We made a lighthouse using batteries and a bulb that actually lights and turns on and off!
In English, we are reading the book ‘Ice Man’ about Tom Crean and ‘Care of Henry’ by Anne Fine.
We enjoyed eating lots of pancakes on pancake Tuesday and also went swimming every Tuesday.
We all got to go outside to play in the snow and we made incredible snow angels!

St Diarmiad’s

We learnt all about lines and angles in maths.
We made incredible cherry blossom trees for art.
We got to bake and decorate cupcakes and we also visited the library.

St Canice’s

In Irish, we learnt about the verbs in past tense or Aimsir Chaite.
For History we learnt about some of the great world revolutions and in science we learnt about Benjamin Franklin and his great inventions.
We also made delicious pancakes for Pancake Tuesday.

St Conall’s

We made delicious pizzas.
We made our own PowerPoint presentations on the Burren.
We learned about An Choill Sa Ghaeilge.
For Chinese New Year we made some Chinese Lanterns.
Our Hyacinths have been blooming lovely.

Edwin Gopurathingal and Derick Jaison won the U11 County Final doubles in badminton in Templemore! Well done to them.

St Brendan’s

In February, we learned about Magnetism, we got to carry out various experiments and in the process discovered how opposite poles attract.

We also looked at the moon and how it affected life on earth.
In History, we looked at the War of Independence and the subsequent Civil War in Ireland.
We looked at the footage from Michael Collins of Bloody Sunday when the Black and Tans stormed Croke Park. We’ve continued to analyse exposition writing in preparation for our written debate.

St Thomas’

We baked cupcakes for Valentine’s Day and made abstract art.
We also learnt about St. Brigid and the good things she did.
We also learnt about flowers that bloom in spring.

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