Winter Time in the CBS Primary

Winter Time in the CBS Primary

Ms Glennon’s class

We had a busy and exciting month of November in Room 3.

We really enjoyed Science week where we got the opportunity to carry out one science experiment each day. The skittle and dancing raisin experiments were two of our favourites.

We learned lots about “An Geimhreadh” agus “Ar Scoil” as gaeilge. We are also reading our book called “Spórt”.

For art we created winter snowmen and we also got the chance to enter the school crest competition.

We are continuing our CAPER reading system. We are reading lots of interesting books each week. We are also writing procedural texts every week.

We learned about the history of the Late Late Toyshow and its presenters. On the day of the toyshow we got to bring in our own favourite toy from home for Show & Tell.

We were really happy to receive a little treat going home.

Ms Sheary’s class

This month was a very busy month in Mrs. Sheary’s rm 4.

We learned all about space this month and even discovered that a new planet has been discovered this year.

We were busy learning all about Winter in both English and Irish.

We did lots of winter art and we are now really looking forward to Christmas.

The Late Late Toy Show was on last week and we all received a Toy Show goodie bag to have while we watched it.

It’s been a really great month. 

Ms Liston’s/Ms Shanahan’s class

We had a really busy November in Room 15. Here are a few things we have been doing.
We took on the MS Readathon challenge to read as many books as we could for November and the boys really embraced it. A huge amount of books were read and money was raised for a great cause – well done boys! We started our Irish readers -we are really enjoying the challenge and are making great progress.
We also had science week and we carried out lots of experiments – we wrote secret messages to each other using invisible ink, we made volcanoes and grew rainbows using ink and water.
In maths we learned all about fractions and time.
In Art we learned about fabric and fibre and we have displayed their lovely creations outside the classroom.
The boys are making good progress learning the Ukulele and will be ready for a big performance soon!
In PE we have been playing small sided games and it’s lovely to see great teamwork taking place.

Mr Smith’s class

We have had a busy month in Room 1.

In maths, we have been learning all about fractions, time and 3-D shapes.

In gaeilge, we have been building our “Bia” vocab.

We have been studying the Bronze age in Ireland. This has been really interesting. We have been adding to our classroom timeline also.

We have looked closely at food production and the journey of some common day foods and how they get to our table.

In art, we designed standing stone scenes at night and we also learned how to draw a cow.

We are really enjoying our music generation sessions every Friday with Avril.

In PE, Mr Buckley is helping us with Ireland’s Fittest Schools.

Ms Maher’s class

In November we remembered all our Loved Ones

In PE we did balancing, dancing and Rugby and we did Ireland’s fittest school with Mr. Buckley.

We did Power Hour for 5 weeks and really enjoyed it.

We had 1 week of Food Dudes and tasted different fruit and vegetables

We made a Parachute out of plastic and joined a cup to it and put an egg into the cup and let it out the classroom window – it was great fun

In art we made lovely Penguins.

Ms Barry’s class

This month 4th class have had lots of fun!

We started reading a new novel called Kensuke’s Kingdom. We also started shared reading at home where we are bringing new books home regularly and are trying to become regular readers at home. Our families have been very helpful with this. 

It was Science Week at the start of November and we did some very cool experiments including building rockets!

We also planted some daffodils so we are excited to watch them grow.

Jamie was chosen as our class representative for the student council and the deputy class representatives are Aaron and Justin. We are delighted that they will represent us on the student council. One of their ideas was that we should have plants in the classroom. Now each pod has their own plant. Everyone is taking great care of their plants- especially the one named Mr. Greene !!

In art we made snowflakes both 2-D and 3-D and they are looking great on the wall.

It has been a great month in 4th class and we are looking forward to the Christmas countdown next month.

Mr Shine’s class

This month we really enjoyed reading Tom Crean IceMan in english and learned about his adventures throughout his life.

In Mathematics we learned lots of fractions and decimals.

In history we learned about explorers of the past and saw why they risked their lives to travel the world and discover new routes and lands.

We also made 3d stars in art that we can use to put on top of our Christmas trees.

Ms McCabe’s class

We joined a Solar Schools Youth Assembly on Zoom. We and 2 other schools got to speak to Ivana Bacik and Alice Mary Higgins, daughter of Michael D. They listened to our suggestions and offered solutions.

For Halloween art, we painted spooky pictures, sang spooky songs and danced a spooky dance. We really enjoyed showing off our spooky costumes and marching in our spooky parade.

In November, we did projects on the Normans and we presented them to the class. We studied Norman shields and this inspired us to make our own shields in class. We designed a new crest for the CBS Primary, after studying aspects of the CBS Primary and Nenagh town. We decided to incorporate the castle and the Devil’s Bit which a backdrop to our view outside our school.

We entered the AnPost Brain Busters competition and the News2Day Christmas art competition. The theme was “My hope for Christmas 2021”. We started the RTELearn Ireland’s future is Mine and Minecraft for Education. We designed our ideal home, and a Mars Rover. We did procedures in English and Irish.

Mr Hayes’s class

November was a very busy month for us.

In maths we covered fractions , decimals and percentages.

We finished our class novel Shadow. We have started our next novel, Holes by Louis Sacher which is about a boy sent to a youth detention centre.

Bia was our theme this month in Irish and we have started An Geimhreadh.

In history we have learned about Northern Ireland.

This month is art we made silhouette art. We used gun glue to stick crayons onto canvasses, we then used a hair dryer to melt the crayons causing the effects below.

Mr Buckley’s class

It’s been a busy month in Room 2.
We have been really busy in the kitchen making omelettes and we also made rocky road.
We put in serious effort getting the school ready for our open day.
Amongst other things, we have been busy with the Fyffes Ireland’s Fittest School. We are getting super fit.
The boys have also been busy tidying up the yard, getting rid of all the leaves.