Winter Wrap-up

Winter Wrap-up

BOI Christmas Card Colouring Comp

Well done to all the boys who entered the Bank of Ireland Christmas Card colouring competition.
Our local winners were;
1st – Phelim Creagh (3rd class)
2nd – Michael McLoone (2nd class)
3rd – Sam Gleeson (2nd class)

Congratulations to Phelim who also was the regional winner of the Bank of Ireland Christmas Card colouring competition. Well done Phelim!!!!

written by  Taurai Shayanewako and Shane Stanley.

Ms McGrath’s class.
This month, we learned about Advent. We made our own Advent wreath.
We also created a display where we all were “reading for the stars”. This means we are going to make a huge effort for the rest of the year.

In art, we designed lovely winter scenes which will prepare us for Christmas.

This month, we also completed our Lego project. We had to design “Our Ideal Neighbourhood”.

Ms. Liston’s class.
We did our Christmas art, our class took part in the Lego project.
We learned how to write a book report and report writings.

Ms. Glennon’s class.
This month we have had a student teacher Ms. O’Connor.
We have learned about many exciting things, e.g. capacity, amazing adjectives, fabric and fibre.
We have also been learning about report writing this term.
We have an advent wreath too.

Ms Slattery’s class.
The boys created and finished their lego project on their ideal image of their locality,they also made bubble art and Christmas Cards.
In Religion the boys remembered the Holy Souls and wrote to their loved ones on a cross to help remember them.
In History the pupils learned about Food and Farming.
In Geography, the boys researched and produced a project on their locality and they presented them to the class.
For Science week, we participated in and observed science experiments from Nenagh Creamery representatives and Mr Ramell such as lava lamps, air bazookas and the tornado in a bottle.

Ms. Barry’s class.
This month in English, we covered Report writing.
In Music we learnt the song Dilin O’Deamhas. In Irish we’ve learnt about the rooms in a house. We also learned the poem “Sneachta”.
In maths we covered the most popular eye colour in our school. The most popular eye colour was Blue, then Brown and then Green. During Science week we had lots of fun doing experiments with Sean Rammel.
In art we made pottery.
We entered doodle 4 Google. Our class are making our lego project. We hope we win. In history we made Stone Age pottery.
In history, we learnt all about the Stone Age and how people lived during these times.
In geography, we learnt about Dublin and it’s suburbs and the commuter towns that surround Ireland’s capital city.

Mr Hayes’ class.
This month, we worked very hard on our Lego project which is “My Ideal Neighbourhood”.
In English, we practised and explored report writing and have spent time researching so we can write our own report pieces.
We covered Anti-bullying and why it is important to be vigilant and speak out against bullying.
We also designed our own Christmas tree decorations and hung them up on the school Christmas tree.
Members of our class entered the FAI Futsal Indoor blitz in Thurles. One of our teams came first while another team came fifth.

Mr Smith’s class.
This month, we carried out different experiments. We dissolved an egg’s shell using vinegar.
We also looked at what happened when you mixed vinegar with baking soda.
Mr. Ramell demonstrated some really interesting experiments. We were lucky enough to go to the secondary school for more science activities.
We carried out research into different animals. We learned about the capercaillie and we also examined the narwhal. The boys also have researched an animal of our choice and have begun writing our reports.
We entered the Doodle4Google competition and came up with some great ideas. We also designed Christmas cards this month.

Mr. Shine’s class
This month, we began our Lego project. The class had to design our “My Ideal Neighbourhood”.
In maths we covered decimals and fractions.
We conducted various investigations and experiments during Science week. Mr Ramell showed us really interesting and fun experiments. We also got the chance to go to the CBS secondary school where Mr Scully demonstrated some impressive science in their laboratory.
We read a novel this month called “White Horse of Zennor”. We also started our Literacy box.
Our class also got the chance to participate in debating.
In art, we completed the Doodle4Google challenge.

Our history was also very interesting this month. We studied the Normans and also famous explores and traders in history.

Mr. Hannigan’s class.
This month, our class looked in great detail WW1. We read a novel called “War Game”. This novel was all about the Christmas truce of 1914. We then, wrote our First World War letters to home.
In maths, we covered decimals and fractions

In English, we explored report writing and have researched animals and have begun to write our report pieces.

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