Science Fun in November

Science Fun in November

by Sean Crowe and Christain O’Brien 6th class

4th-6th  classes went to the Indoor athletics competition in the Nenagh Athletic indoor track.They competed in the long jump, 60 m, 300m, 600m, shot put and relay. Well done to the boys who won medals in shotput, 60m, 300m, long jump and relay.

We had a very exciting week for science week. Ms Mc Grath’s class made bread with yeast with Mrs Kelly. It was very tasty. Mr Buckley’s class made tomato and vegetable soup to sell to the whole school. Arrabawn Creamery Scientists did workshops with all classes. They taught us about PH scale, making a clear bottle and lots of other fun things.

Sean Hartigan from an Taisce came to the school to teach us how to fix a bicycle puncture. We are trying to walk or cycle to school to get the next green flag.

The Greenschools committee were very busy recently. During the parent teacher meetings, the boys stayed back after school to survey the parents arriving at the school on travel. They also did some fundraising to buy prizes for the annual recycled Christmas decoration competition. Thank you to Romanos for sponsoring the pizza.  We’ll keep you updated with the results soon. 

The second classes held a hula hoop competition. The boys practised hard every day in the yard. Congratulations to all the competitors and the winners!


Class Notes

Ms Slattery’s class painted pictures of winter scenes.The boys were practising swirls by Vincent Van Gogh. The class played human chess and they were really good at it. Ms Slattery and her class learned about chromatography with m
Ms Brophy. Two scientists came in from Arrabawn to teach them about the ph scale. In English they have being learning about connections, predictions and writing reports.The class has being doing positive adjectives to go with their names.

We got a new teacher this month it is Ms Barry.We reminded each other of the rules of the classroom and how we respect each other. We created a class collage with our hands to represent us. In art we took lines for a walk-look at our colourful creations! Ms Barry’s class also learned about chromatography and separated colours on coffee filters with Ms Brophy.

In Ms Glennon’s class, we are currently doing power-hour for one hour each day Monday-Thursday. We enjoy reading lots of books. 
We did lots of science during science week. We learned about chromatography with Ms.Brophy and also had a visit from Arrabawn and learned about the story of milk.

We are learning about winter and we did a lesson on colourful mittens. We also learned about the penguin. The boys also did projects on famous inventors. 

Ms Ryan’s class did Japanese art with Ms McGrath’s class. The class wrote reports on horses and Katie Taylor. The boys did projects about Nenagh. The class were made Christmas decorations out of recycled materials. Martin won a medal for boxing. Well done Martin! 

Mr Shine’s class did some Christmas etching. They also learned about fractions in maths. The boys went to the CBS secondary school for science week. They went to Ms Guinan’s science class where they did lots of experiments. The class had a session of tennis that they really enjoyed. The two 6th classes went to Nenagh college to see how a day’s work happens there.
In history the boys learned about the home rule crisis. They went to the library with Niall De Burca and learned all about world war 1. In English Mr Shine’s are currently doing debates in class.

Mr O’Sullivan’s class went to Nenagh College and tried out metal and wood work, science
and home-economics. They went to the CBS secondary school to do science with Ms Guinen. They did smoke in a  bottle. The boys also had a tennis session with a tennis coach. The class is also hurling every Wednesday. In English and Maths the class did debating and fractions.Currently 
the class are also doing 3D designs in art. 

Mr. Buckley’s class learned about Leonardo Da Vinci.The boys did art on the Mona Lisa. They also drew pictures on Jermiah the prophet and made mad monsters.
During science week Mr. Buckley’s class made soup, it was delicious. Also the class did chromatograph with Ms. Brophy. The boys made these lovely advent wreaths.


Mr Smith’s class did a science investigation into density and dissolving. In history the boys learned about Ancient Greeks. The boys studied mammals and birds of Ireland and completed these projects. The class made a project book from all the boys contributions. 

Ms. McGrath’s class learned about Japan and made koinobori and carp streamers. The boys read The Iron Man and drew Iron men to represented it. The class also wrote down people close to them that had died and called it “In November We Remember”.

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